Course 20

Computer Animation Using Digital Video for the Web, Multimedia, and Broadcast

Full Day | Intermediate

Worldwide, computer animation has recently enjoyed an enormous increase of use in a wide range of video applications. Computer graphics artists, programmers, and animators need to interface with digital video systems. The World Wide Web and CD-ROM online interactive information systems have created even more outlets for digital video animations. This course provides the information that these potential video producers need to develop their video skills.


Who Should Attend
Anyone starting or planning to build a computer-based digital video animation recording system, or who is converting systems to digital video; Web-page builders who work with video information; CD-ROM designers who work with interactive video; and producers of visualization centers.

Bob Judd
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Jim Costigan
University of Illinois at Chicago

Ross Guant
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Bob Judd
Los Alamos National Laboratory

John Mareda
Triconix Research, Inc.