Course 16

 Interactive Movies: Techniques, Technologies, and Contents

Animation & Special Effects Full Day | Intermediate

The concept of interactive movies has existed for a long time, and recent advances in visual, sound, graphics, and interaction technologies are rapidly converging to create a new paradigm. This course gives attendees the knowledge necessary to create interactive movies and illustrates integration of these technologies to realize this new type of entertainment.


Who Should Attend
Researchers who are interested in interactive movies, especially those who have a background in computer vision and computer graphics.

Ryohei Nakatsu
Edward Altman
ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Lab

Ryohei Nakatsu
Naoko Tosa
ATR Media Integration & Communications Research Lab

Kristine Samuelson
Stanford University

Scott Watson
Walt Disney Imagineering

Donald Marinelli
Scott M. Stevens
Carnegie Mellon University