Course 14 

 New Frontiers in Modeling and Texturing

Full Day | Advanced

Warning: this course contains some implicit scenes. It describes many new interactive and procedural tools for modeling and texturing surfaces, and shows how to model hands, graft branches, blow smoke, comb fur, trim shrubs, and paint dogs. The course covers advanced topics in polygonization, particle systems, constraints, texture mapping, geometric texturing, solid texturing, procedural modeling, and surface topology. One-hour presentations, 300 pages of course notes, and several megabytes of CD-ROM space allow the speakers to provide more detailed information on these techniques than is possible in their paper presentations.


Who Should Attend
Those who have already taken most of the other SIGGRAPH courses.

John Hart
Washington State University

David Ebert
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Jules Bloomenthal
Microsoft Corporation

David Ebert
University of Maryland Baltimore County

Kurt Fleischer

John Hart
Washington State University

Paul Heckbert
Carnegie Mellon University

Hans Køhling Pedersen
Massachussetts Institute of Technology

Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz
University of Calgary