Course 11 

 Programming with OpenGL: Advanced Techniques

API Full Day | Intermediate

This course focuses on rendering high-quality images, describes some of the more subtle OpenGL techniques, and provides a practical grounding in some of the central computer graphics concepts in use today.


  • Gain greater insight into important OpenGL capabilities.
  • Learn to use OpenGL to solvechallenging rendering problems.
  • Strengthen their understanding of core computer graphics concepts.
  • Become familiar with graphics techniques for increasing image realism, creating special effects, and solving domain-specific imaging problems.
  • Learn how to identify and evaluate multiple approaches to solving rendering problems.
  • Receive code examples for generating high-quality graphics images.
Who Should Attend
Developers who need to generate more challenging or realistic images using OpenGL. Anyone interested in the practical application of advanced rendering techniques.

Tom McReynolds
Silicon Graphics, Inc.

David Blythe
Celeste Fowle
Brad Grantham
Simon Hui
Tom McReynolds
Paula Womack
Silicon Graphics, Inc.