Community Outreach

 Speakers Program
A Teacher's Guide to SIGGRAPH Scott Grissom
University of Illinois at Springfield
SIGGRAPH 98 Educators Program Chair
Virtual Ping Pong Ran Libeskind-Hadas
A Student Panel Moderator
What Gets the Job in 3D Modeling, Animation, and Multimedia: The Reel Story Robin Kilgore, Elnor Kinsella
Savannah College of Art and Design
Behind the Scenes: The Making of ANT Tony Longson, Moderator
A Student Panel
California State University, L.A
Doing Production Animations at JPL Zareh Gorjian
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
How Familiar Tales Utilized VRML 2.0 (and a Few Good Women Artists) to Create Dynamic Teaching Content for the World Wide Web Linda Hahner
Out of the Blue Design, Ltd.
Digital Careers for Artists in the 21st Century Isaac Kerlow
Walt Disney Studios
Schoolhouse Graphics: A SIGGRAPH Symposium Session 1 - "Walk The Talk" Laura London
Autodesk, Inc.

Stephan Knobloch
Fairfax County Schools

Will Fowler
Novato Unified School District

Bob Wickman
Palm Beach County Schools

Schoolhouse Graphics: A SIGGRAPH Symposium Session 2 - "Making Sense of SIGGRAPH" SIGGRAPH Education Committee,
K-12 Curriculum
The Ins and Outs of Rendering in Animation Rosalee Wolfe
DePaul University
SIGGRAPH 97 Educators Program Chair
Schoolhouse Graphics: A SIGGRAPH Symposium Session 3 - "Closing the Loop" SIGGRAPH Education
Committee, K-12 Curriculum
What Can We Do For You?
(preparing a student's digital future)
 Amy Jupiter
Blue Sky Studios

Sally Payson
University of California, Berkeley

The Process of Visual Effects Jill Smolin
Digital Domain
Women in Animation Rita Street
Women in Animation
What's Happening with SIGGRAPH 98 Community Outreach Christopher Stapleton
SIGGRAPH 98 Outreach Chair
Solar System Visualization for NASA Mission Design David Seal
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Schoolhouse Graphics: A SIGGRAPH Symposium Session 4 - "Everything But The Cooking: An Introduction to Multimedia Design" SIGGRAPH Education Committee,
K-12 Curriculum
Processing Space Mission Remote Sensing Data William Green
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Where We Were, Where We Are, Where We're Going Carl Machover
Machover Associates Corp.
Preparing Your Portfolio and Demo Reel  Rachel Nicoll
Sony Pictures Imageworks
UCLA Extension
Interactive Brainwave Interfaces for Education in the Millennium Paras Kaul
Paras West Productions
Community Outreach Committee
Classroom in Space: Using Multimedia to Enhance Space Education Sugi Sorensen, Harman Smith
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The Intersections of Education and the Entertainment Industry Jacquelyn Ford Morie
How to Build a Planet Ken Musgrave
Digital Domain
It Takes a Village: Careers for Everyone in Computer Animation Pauline Ts'o
Rhythm and Hues