Career Center

At the SIGGRAPH 97 Career Center, registered attendees made résumés available to the industry's leading employers. NEW The Career Center offered a one-day Job Fair. In a relaxed, informal setting, attendees explored how their skills and experience match current job openings at participating organizations.

All exhibitors who had a booth in the exhibition hall or any non-exhibiting organization that had paid the $US 500 service fee were eligigle to participate in the Career Center. (This fee did not include access to the Job Fair.)

Job seekers also posted their résumés for review. If job seekers provided additional copies of their résumés, the Career Center kept them on file and distributed them to organizations that requested a copy.

After the conference, SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Management compiled a photocopied book of all résumés collected. Exhibitors and non-exhibitors that paid the service fee were eligible to purchase the book for $US 250.

Interview rooms were available for potential employees to meet with job seekers. Organizations scheduled up to two hours of time to interview potential employees. A VCR and monitor were available in one interview room to view demo reels.

The Career Center also assisted organizations in scheduling interviews. Once a block of time was reserved, an interview sign-up sheet for job seekers was available in the Career Center. Representatives from organizations could pick up the schedule prior to their time slots.


SIGGRAPH 97 Conference Management
Attn.: Career Center Staff
401 North Michigan Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60611 USA

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