Creative Applications Laboratory

This new venue at SIGGRAPH 97 connected to other parts of the conference and increased opportunities for hands-on learning. The goal was to enhance learning by providing the latest computer graphics hardware and software, and highly interactive access to the techniques and ideas presented at the conference.

Some examples of how attendees used the CAL:

Course "homework." Attendees continued their learning experience while the course material was still fresh in their minds.

"Office hours" for technical program contributors, where they could engage in one-on-one discussions about their research.

Demo software from a paper or panel was available to attendees who wanted to explore the technology that created examples from the presentation.

Hands-on workshops presented as part of the Educators Program.

Artists used the software in the lab to create images.

Attendees met other attendees (or contributors) and arranged remote collaborations between their own labs.

Technical session break-outs and mingling.

A special sketch session showcased the work accomplished in the CAL.

CAL Programs & Events

CAL Committee

 Guerilla Gallery

An exciting digital studio and print shop where art could be created and printed using the latest technologies. The Guerilla Gallery fostered unique collaborations among scientists, artists, and educators.