Computer Animation Festival /
Electronic Theatre Index

Arnie & Birnie: Windlight Studios Inc.
Bonsai: Norishige Chiba, Ken Ohshida
Buf Compagnie: Claude Osscud Productions
Clock Sci-Fi Channel Station ID.: Edward Bakst
Christmas Twins Coke: Rhythm & Hues Studios
Cosmic Pinball: Ben Stassen
If Doorknobs Could Bite.: Aimee Wonsetler
Dragonman: Kelvin Lee
Fluffy: Douglas Aberle
Free-quent Objects: Kazuma Morino
Looking into HIV: Teresa Larsen
The Visible Human Project: NCAR's Scientific Computing Division
Johnny Be Good: Arnon Manor, F. Tretout
Moxy: Opening
SOK: PAcific Data Images
The Shape of Space: The Geometry Center
Species: MGM/UA - BOSS Film Studios
Stargate Excerpts: MGM/UA - Kleiser-Walczak Construction Co., Inc.
Rolling Stone: Tim Cheung
the end: Chris Landreth
Toy Soldier: Hiroharu Inutake
Transformers Compilation: AFCG, Inc. & Tape House Digital