Sci-Fi Channel station ID.

Edward Bakst
160 West 96th Street 9n.
New York, NY 10025

Description: In it we witness an incredible metamorphosis of a beautiful old fashion clock into an ugly and evil creature which propels forward swallowing us. Within we discover the "Sci-Fi" space and fall crashing into the planet logo. Focusing on the inner mystery of science fiction, contrasting an old fashion beauty with evil uglyness, we hint at the inescapable power of time.

Client: Sci-Fi Channel
Designer/Director: Edward Bakt
Sci-Fi Channel;
Exec.Producer: Paula Brown
Producer: Ken Krupka
CG Facility:
"Movida 3d" Brussells, Belgium
CG Animator: Anthony Huerta
TD: Stephane Simal
On-line Producer: Ben Stassen
Production Manager: Caroline Van Iseghem
Sound Design: Cliff Schwartz Prod., USA.

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