Welcome to the Multimedia CD-ROM. This disc represents a compendium of different material from the ACM SIGGRAPH conference in Los Angeles, California. While the conference itself occupies a fixed and fleeting moment in time, it is our hope that publications such as this will serve to preserve and propagate the wealth of information and experience which was embodied in that event.

Our primary goal in producing the Multimedia CD-ROM was to provide a venue in which to highlight the rapidly emerging field of Multimedia. The Multimedia CD-ROM contains a wealth of interesting material wrapped in a HTML structure. Navigation of this disc can be accomplished via any Web browser. Just load the File TOC.HTL in the top leve directory.

Clearly, this is not a perfect world and not all of the work to be found on this disc is accessible from all hardware platforms. While we have attempted to make as much of this material system independent as possible, much of the work is only usable on a Macintosh. Do try copying the Quicktime movies from the CD-ROM to your hard disk to speed up viewing.

Finally, a set of acknowledgments is in order. This project could not have succeeded without the enthusiastic support of the SIGGRAPH 95 conference co-chairs, Brian Herzog and Peter Meehan. Also the invaluable Dino Schweitzer, the volleyball-challenged Tom Rieke and the SIGGRAPH director for Publications, Steve Cunningham are largely responsible for making this disc happen. I must also thank and beg forgiveness from Jim Thompson, Charisse Castagnoli, Joe and Kelsey Corcoran, Lyn Bartram, John L. Miller, Gary Paxinos, Kent Fuka and the entire Fringeware crew for disappearing off the planet for a few months. Lastly, I'm truly indebted to my committee for their tireless efforts, in particular David Cowperthwaite and Gray "I'll never do this again" Lorig for always blazing the trail.

Jamie Thompson
SIGGRAPH 95 Electronic Media Chair

Note: This file was present on the original Volume 1 CD-ROM as CDCREDIT.TXT. It was renamed and minimally formatted into HTML for the website.