The lounge@siggraph is a gathering place and showcase for collaborative, interactive avant-garde art and music projects from Europe and North America.

Anti*rom: The Antidote to Multi-mediocrity

This interactive art event on CD-ROM created by seven London artists offers a radical critique of contemporary multimedia through a series of ironic experiences and formal experiments that explore the nature of interactivity.

Andrew Cameron
SASS/Anti*rom, London

Urban Feedback

A CD-ROM and World Wide Web site that explores expressions of urban life. Artists, poets, philosophers, and composers create an interactive cityscape that provides new insight into urban life and media.

Click here to see a short QuickTime movie.

Click here to see pictures and more text.

Giles Rollestone
Sophie Greenfield
Perfect Indigo, London

Consumer Product & Encyclopedia of Clamps

Los Angeles artist Bill Barminski presents "Bar-min-ski: Consumer Product," which is fast becoming a cult classic CD-ROM title, as well as his new works-in-progress: Encyclopedia of Clamps and Cyclops Boy.

Bill Barminski
Consumer Productions, Los Angeles

MouseHouse/Space Invaders Student Demos

Student projects that explore new approaches to interface design, 3D graphics, audio, animation, and video.

Norm MacLeod
MouseHouse Multimedia Center
Århus, Denmark

The Virtual Gallery

Be among the first to try this new "free-motion" virtual reality platform that does away with cumbersome head- mounted displays and other gadgetry. The Virtual Gallery is a very special museum that allows you to step into the frame and literally walk around inside your favorite painting. Virtual paintings both familiar and obscure are created by students from North America and Europe.

Celia Pearce

Virtual Nightclub

Created by a group of London artists, musicians, and designers, Virtual Nightclub is a wild and wonderful walk-through environment of changing music, psychedelic mazes, dance, fashion, and philosophical excursions through the minds of poets and philosophers. A delightful adventure in underground culture from the people who brought you Burn:Cycle. Soon to be released on CD-i and CD-ROM.

Trip Media, London
Ted Cohen
Philips Media, Los Angeles

Musical World

Enjoy an evening in the bohemian district of a virtual downtown. Visit an interactive stand-up comedy club, a labyrinth of jazz poetry, and a musical statue that lets you change instruments and themes to create your own musical composition. A special sneak preview[22,145K] of an unpublished work-in-progress.

To make the movie go faster, copy it to your hard disk before viewing. The movie is located at [cdrom]/COMUNITY/LOUNGE/COMOTION.MOV

Martha Swetzoff
Commotion New Media, Los Angeles

Duran Duran "Universe"

An interactive CD-ROM tour of Duran Duran's video and music catalog, including interviews with the band, remixing, and hidden games and features.

Malcolm Garrett,
Alasdair Scott
AMXdigital, London

Global Goons

An avant-garde music and poetry CD-ROM from London produced by the publishers of Informer, a survey of the advertising industry and the first regular disk-based magazine in the U.K.

Colin Taylor
Studio Dm, London

Inneractivity Finder - ColorScope

Inneractivity Finder - ColorScope is based on human-computer interaction techniques that do not use either the keyboard or a mouse. The project focuses on the collaboration between two people via their reaction to colors.

A color-animation program is used to generate a screen display and a set of two head-mounted EEG brainwave detectors as input devices. Data from the EEG brainwave detectors are processed by the comparison program and in turn control color patterns that appear on the screen. As the two separate inputs become more similar, the color patterns become more harmonious. Participants are automatically sensitized and learn about the collaboration process by focusing their thoughts together.

The presence of colors in our living environment continuously stimulates human thoughts and emotions, unconsciously or consciously. In urban environments, people are exposed to fixed, saturated colors on a daily basis, which might change their ability to perceive color. In experiencing the Inneractivity Finder - ColorScope, participants experience the effects of color from a new perspective.

Gohsuke Takama
Meta Sound Engineering
Peggy L. Bartlett
Masahiro Kahata
IBVA Technologies, Inc.

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