In this collaboration, young students in Jerusalem, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles are developing ideas, digital imagery, and multimedia pieces about their heroes. They communicate these works to their remote companions through World Wide Web pages, email, telepainting, videoconferencing, and data transmission. Ultimately, through QuickTime movies[945K] co-authored by the students and realized with the assistance of TeleCommunity teachers, the collected works are brought together as queries and responses representing a dialogue between the students' chosen or invented heroes.

HEROES is a cultural exchange, in which students share their perceptions of popular icons, portrayals of heroes, role-playing, cross-cultural dissemination of ideas, articulation of transforming experiences, conveyance and clarification of societal assumptions, and the search for and definition of identity. From these activities, new understandings arise and limiting stereotypes are overcome.

At SIGGRAPH 95, HEROES is a virtual studio environment that sustains the project's working relationships and international dialogue, and constructs novel multimedia pieces and interactive digital movies based on thoughts and digital materials shared by participants before and during the conference. The virtual studio consists of hardware and software linked to the rest of the world (and each other) through local and international networks. The application grows through networked response and interchange. Works are created through collaboration.

Interaction and response-oriented relationships are the basis of this undertaking, whether manifested in the human activities of communications, collaboration on media pieces, or in the actual technology and interactive quality of multimedia work or the software interface. Visitors encounter work that is rich in content and meaning, developed through collaborative efforts in participatory media, and witness a commitment to education and exploration, by and for the young, for the future.

Robert Dunn
Arc Vertuel, Inc.
111 The Oaks
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15215 USA
+1.412.781.8138 fax


Project Co-author
Melanie Carr
Carnegie Museum of Art

Nathan Fullerton
Carnegie Mellon University

Susan Hazan
Israel Museum Youth Wing

Junior MultiCultural Computer Academy, Duquesne University
Students in Jerusalem, Pittsburgh, and Los Angeles

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