Jazz has been referred to as the true music of the United States. This complex, yet compelling, music has the innate capability of reaching out to all people. To promote jazz throughout Michigan and to enhance its educational opportunities, the Michigan State University School of Music, in conjunction with the Wharton Center for Performing Arts, has created MSU Jazz Presents. It is anticipated that the program will begin full implementation in Fall 1995.


The mission of MSU Jazz Presents states:

"By utilizing a network of resources, MSU Jazz Presents aims to provide a comprehensive jazz program that is accessible to all."


First Friday

a series of seven jazz concerts presented on the MSU campus during the academic year with artist in residency activities conducted by local, state, and national jazz artists.


Michigan Jazz Showcase

traveling jazz festival performing in four locations in Michigan.Co-sponsored by the Jazz Alliance of Michigan, the program will feature a series of concerts and outreach activities conducted by Michigan and national jazz artists.


Michigan Jazz Festival at MSU

a 10-day national jazz festival hosted by MSU with headliner performances at Wharton Center for Performing Arts. It will feature seminars, concerts, and jazz-related activities. The Michigan Jazz Showcase and the Michigan Jazz Festival at MSU will be held on alternating years.

The three program components are designed to reach diverse audiences both within and outside of the university and involve faculty, students, and jazz artists in performance activities with a well-developed educational and training component. Activities which realize this goal include:

Over 45 concerts will be presented in the program's first three years by nationally renowned jazz artists, MSU faculty and students, state, national, and international college, university ensembles and Michigan high school jazz ensembles. Fifteen concerts will be presented as part of the program's outreach activities in four communities outside of the Greater Lansing area.

Over 90 outreach activities are structured to reach all people in a variety of settings so that, when combined with other program components, they will result in a comprehensive program.

A Jazz Presenter Institute will provide Michigan presenters with the opportunity to expand their expertise with presentations on such topics as innovative ways to present jazz, funding jazz programs, developing audiences, and creating a festival, among others.

Broadcast Jazz Series-broadcast of live or recorded MSU Jazz Presents concerts. Additionally, jazz education opportunities will be designed for the media.

A balanced and extensive network of collaborators from throughout Michigan will serve as co-presenters, sponsors, and/or project partners.

Wharton Center for Performing Arts and the MSU School of Music will take the leadership role in administering MSU Jazz Presents.

The MSU Jazz Presents programs and associated activities create a comprehensive jazz program that serves the university's mission while simultaneously serving as a model for replication by other colleges, universities, and organizations. The program will benefit not only the MSU community, Michigan residents, and jazz fans, but it will have a positive impact on the world of jazz.

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