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Our brilliant researchers have recently discovered creatures, apparently alive, on a size scale previously unimagined. Little is know of these organisms, though researchers have recently released early pictures taken through some of our most powerful telescopes. Here is a preliminary photo of one of the beasts, which are several orders of magnitude larger than normal living things:

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Top researchers are convening a conference to share their limited data and to discuss the nature of these bizarre creatures, tentatively named Homo microscopist.

As in Microbes in the News, we decided to take the microbe's perspective to introduce the people behind the data in the world of microbial ecology. Biographical sketches of microbiology researchers will help kids see science as a human activity, not merely as a collection of facts in a book (or piece of software). Brief bios will describe scientists' research interests and educational background, as well as their favorite microbe, pets, and hobbies and sports. Our interviewing team includes both Comm Tech Lab designers and local high school students. Including students in the interview crew will insure that the views and interests of younger students are represented in interview questions, and will help scientists target their comments and responses towards an appropriately-aged audience.

If Homo microscopist intrigues you, be sure not to miss the forthcoming conference on macroscopic life forms!


The DLC-ME is being developed by the Comm Tech Lab and the Center for Microbial Ecology at Michigan State University.