DLC-ME Preview

The Digital Learning Center for Microbial Ecology (DLC-ME) is a collaborative science education project under development at Michigan State University. The DLC-ME is a joint venture of the Comm Tech Lab, the Center for Microbial Ecology, and the College of Education at Michigan State. The creation of the DLC-ME is being sponsored by the National Science Foundation.

The DLC-ME will eventually be distributed in three ways: on line as a World-Wide Web (WWW) site, by downloading (using ftp) software modules for use on personal computers, and as a CD-ROM for use on personal computers. The multimedia software for use on personal computers is being created with Macromedia Director, and will run on a Windows PC as well as on a Macintosh.

This WWW site is a preview of some elements of the interactive multimedia version of the DLC-ME. We can show you some of the artwork and can describe some of the functionality of the interactive DLC-ME here. However, because of network speed constraints and the relative lack of sophistication of WWW-based documents, we CANNOT provide you with the full impact of the interactive multimedia version, which includes digital video clips, interactive animations, and lots of cool sounds. Hopefully, this WWW preview will wet your appetite. Please keep in mind that this is merely a feeble shadow of the more robust and interactive version that we're working on and that you will be able to use on a Mac or Windows PC.

The DLC-ME will also exist as a WWW site. Because it is currently under development as well, we have chosen to provide this preview page for you to browse instead. We find partially completed web sites with numerous dead-end links annoying and frustrating to explore. We chose instead to provide you with this self-contained, completed preview site. As sections of the actual DLC-ME are completed, we will make them available on-line.

Here are previews of some elements of and artwork from the DLC-ME: