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The Michigan State University Comm Tech Lab (CTL) hypermedia research and designs are featured nationally and internationally in galleries, at conferences, in academic journals and in popular press. The CTL creates innovative applications to help define interfaces and genres for emerging communication technologies. CTL designers have created a wide range of hypermedia products, including "A Bird's Eye View of the Legislative Service Bureau" (interactive orientation for Michigan government); "Windows on Global Change" (environmental education software focusing on remote sensing for middle school children, being developed in collaboration with NASA and others); "ClickOn MSU" (a public access kiosk with campus-wide information); "Mission to Mars!" (a CD-ROM interactive experience); "PhotoFile 2000" (a computer- graphic-videodisk database for a fortune 500 corporation) and more. Each of these software products is still being used. Several of our projects ("Martian Life Science Time Machine", "Windows on Global Change", "Mission to Mars!" ) have focused on making learning about science more relevant, accessible, and fun for a wide range of audiences. Unique in the Midwest, Comm Tech Lab design teams are experienced, diverse and multi-talented, including artists, musicians, designers, programmers, video producers, photographers, actors, writers, scientists, researchers, educators and curators. Current clients include the American Cancer Society ("Breast Cancer Treatment Options"), the U.S. Department of Education ("Personal Communicator for Deaf Children") and Ameritech ("New Product Showroom Kiosk").
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