D. A. M. M. I. T.

DAMMIT or Digital and Analog Musical Manipulation of Incandescent Technology is the House's light show. It currently supports 16 primary lights with the capacity for about twice that many. It has been hooked up with strobes, a bubble machine, christmas tree lights, and a magnesium flood light. It activates the lights in different patterns to the beat of the music. It is set-up in one of the CSH lounges for use at our many social events and is also available for rent to the RIT community. There is also a smaller, more portable version of DAMMIT that is used during spontaneous parties that have take place in rooms, camping sites, and even parking lots.

DAMMIT is currently in its Nth revision, that is to say its been tinkered with so much and for so long that nobody knows how many generations its gone through. The current revision was released at this year's Toga party. It had brand new lights and an improved wiring system. Its central processor was also moved to a small & portable MicroVAX II case instead of the huge Power5 Versabus cabinet which it resided in before.

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