Ken O'Connell
University of Oregon

Becki Parker - Administrative Assistant

Jim Gibson - Assistant


Larry Cuba - Special Projects

Linda Ettinger - Critical Essays

Eduardo Kac - Artist/Designer Sketches

Lynn Pocock - Publicity

Patric Prince - Traveling Art Show Chair

David Stairs - Artist's Books

Ying Tan - On-Site Gallery

Anna Ursyn - Gallery Support

Victoria Vesna - Interactive Artists

Mike Whitenack - Space/Exhibit Design

Art Gallery Jury

Craig Hickman

Creator of KID PIX and past contributor to SIGGRAPH art shows. Hickman's software has received over 19 international awards. He has produced two artist's books and exhibited his work widely.

Karen Guzak

Painter, printmaker, and computer artist, included in Frank Popper's book Art of the Elec-tronic Age. A past contributor to SIGGRAPH art shows, Guzak has coordinated a number of large-scale art projects including "Chaos to Order," an indoor/outdoor mural, at the Computer Services Building at Southern Oregon State College.

Glenn Mitsui

Digital illustrator at Studio M/D, who recently illustrated an Atlantic Monthly cover. He has also done illustrations for NEC, Microsoft, Apple Computer, Letraset, and Newsweek, and his work has appeared in PRINT magazine.

Midori Kitagawa De Leon

Of the Advanced Center for Computers in Art and Design (ACCAD) at the Ohio State University and SIGGRAPH 95 International Chair. She is a past contributor to SIGGRAPH art shows.

Barbara Mones-Hattal

Sculptor and creator of the virtual reality lab at George Mason University. She is working on the NASA/Goddard visualization team for the GLOBE project sponsored by the White House. She has also organized two exhibits on art and technology at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C.

The Art Gallery Chair invited the jury to show their own work, to give attendees some insight on the jury's creative perspectives.

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