Starla Stensaas

Returning from West Africa to Fifteenth Street/Accordion Book

7 x 5 inches

This elegant one-of-a kind codex bound in Moose hide uses type and scanned images to create a visual text that mirrors and enhances the written text. White-out, written by a well-known western writer Gary Holthaus, explores the relationship between light and shadow in human experience, using Moose hunting and driving an Alaskan white-out as metaphor.

White Out

Artist book

7.5 x 6.5 inches

Gary Holthaus, author

This accordian book--output on handmade washi & enhanced with Prismacolor & Color Tag-- is 51" long when open and viewed as a continuous field. Although the book can be read as a codex (see slides) it should be displayed open. The image and typography serve to create a visual text as complement & in tandem with the written text (poem by artist).