Anna Ursyn

Monday Morning

Versatec plots, VAX, FORTRAN 77, photosilkscreens and photolithograph

36.5 x 48 inches

Artist Statement:

Monday Morning Mondays emphasize the typical routine each of us goes through during the work week, as after the weekend everything starts over; the cycle repeats itself with greater empathy, less efficiency and even less energy. All commotion, turmoil, confusion and individual interests are then expressed and perceived with greater intensity. This becomes a summary and cast of characters for the whole week.

Two Moons

Versatec plots, VAX, FORTRAN 77, photosilkscreens and camcorder

42.5 x 60 x 2 inches

Artist Statement:

A cycle of city life (day and night time, cars parked, cars driven, red lights, green lights, windows open, window closed) is presented in the form of it's rhythmical structure and organization. The overall character of this city becomes organized around it's own elements. Those are then blended and projected through a larger window: the end result becomes the focus of ones own attention.