Leslie Nobler-Farber

Golden Girls' Security

(Computer) mixed & quilt

37 x 43 inches

Artist Statement:

The work presented represent an investigation into dualities, namely machine vs. hand (i.e. technology as compared to human-ness) and fragmentation vs. integration.

Systems, networks, connections, linkages, transitions, replication...The physical nature of the computer medium has a great deal of influence over my work; these abstract concepts are interpreted in a very personal way. This work derives from introspection on the implication of the electronic interface and forms of human interaction and interpersonal/intellectual growth. A personal message is presented in a mixed-media approach, partly inspired by the time honored, highly tactile, "feminine" domestic tradition of the patchwork quilt. This work brings into play integrated images of microprocessors and/or handmade tools and artifacts, as well as converse, detachment and fragmentation, are visual metaphors for the interpersonal/psycho social complexities of life.