Ex-Student Volunteers

The submission deadline for Ex-Student Volunteer applications was 10 November 2008.

Were you a student volunteer in the past couple of years and still have that burning need to volunteer? Do you no longer qualify for the Student Volunteer Program but wish you could continue building and supporting the unique world of SIGGRAPH?

The SIGGRAPH Ex-Student Volunteer (XSV) Program is your answer. We are offering a unique opportunity to recent undergraduate and graduate students, who provided outstanding performance as a Student Volunteer, to mentor/volunteer within the ranks of SIGGRAPH's extensive fields. Former Student Volunteer candidates, who have recently started their careers in the computer graphics industry and have a passion for the ACM SIGGRAPH organization, will be selected with the opportunity to apprentice in a SIGGRAPH 2009 committee or co-located event.

As of 2009, we are also extending this opportunity for former Team Leaders who have volunteered in the Student Volunteer program for over 3 years and are still students. This opportunity allows for those very experienced Team Leaders to continue their path into the SIGGRAPH realm as part of the XSV program.

As an XSV, you will be assigned to a specific committee and mentored directly by the committee's chair and team. With the support of this amazing team, you will take on appropriate responsibilities that will have a large effect on the success of the venue or event. If selected, responsibilities may begin as early as December 2008 and will continue until the conclusion of SIGGRAPH 2009 in August 2009.

Spaces are very limited! Only a few conference programs and co-located symposiums are offering apprenticeships.

If you an interested applicant, you must obtain (3) three Required References.

If you are providing a reference for a recently graduated student for one of these apprenticeships, you can find the Reference Procedures here.

I encourage you to apply and become part of the team that will make SIGGRAPH 2009 a success! Be part of the largest and most diverse community in computer graphics and interactive techniques in the world.

I look forward to welcoming you to SIGGRAPH 2009 in New Orleans.

Nicolas Gonzalez
SIGGRAPH 2009 Ex-Student Volunteers Chair
STTARR Project, Princes Margaret Hospital (UHN)