Submission Deadline:
8 September 2008
22:00 UTC/GMT
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Social Game: Submission Info

Social Game submissions are closed. The submission deadline was 8 September 2008.

The design challenge is to create a social game with online components that helps attendees better meet their goals for attending the conference and enhance, not inhibit, the conference experience. One game proposal will be chosen for the submitters to implement and to deploy at SIGGRAPH 2009.

High Concept Goals

The game should contribute to a sense of attending a "festival of knowledge" and/or foster community and enable networking among attendees.

Functional Goals

Promotion for the social game should begin before SIGGRAPH 2009. Attendees would receive invitations to play the game as part of general conference publicity and banners, medallions, and/or a mini-site promoting the game should be part of the web promotion. Registration and/or the first phase of the game could begin online before the conference, but the design should allow for opting in during SIGGRAPH 2009. Online activities could continue after the conference as well. Gameplay should help players in any or all of the following:

  • Networking with old colleagues and meeeting new ones
  • Finding and/or creating interesting content
  • Making the most of attendees' time at the conference
  • Learning about new technologies and advanced techniques

Technology Implementation

SIGGRAPH 2009 is open to all kinds of game designs, from physical cards, stickers to mobile Bluetooth messaging, RFID tags, cell-phone camera tagging, and other technological enablers.

Thematic Implementation

SIGGRAPH 2009 is interested in a wide range of social-gaming paradigms, from narrative-based games to scavenger hunts and anything in between. The conference celebrates innovation and experimentation, and designers should feel free to push boundaries.

Who Can Submit

The committee will accept submissions from working studios with a track record in developing and releasing social games. The committee will consider submissions from university-based teams of researchers, faculty, and/or students if the team leaders have a professional track record in developing and releasing social games or social software.

How to Submit

Interested parties must download a concept-proposal document from the SIGGRAPH 2009 web site. This document requests summary information in a concept proposal:

  • High-concept and functional goals of the submitter's game design
  • Background of key personnel
  • The team's ability to technologically support the game's development and deployment
  • A simple budget projection

Concept proposals must be received by 8 September.

A limited number of successful concept submitters will be invited to submit a full proposal. Invitations will be issued by 23 September, and the deadline for submitting the full proposal, which must include a simple design document, is 30 October. Final selection for the SIGGRAPH 2009 Social Game will be announced by 15 November.

The committee will evaluate the concept proposals received on 8 September based on how well they meet the high-concept and functional goals expressed in the call. They will also assess the "fun factor" and feasibility of the proposed implementation.

Submitters of concept proposals that fulfill the game's basic requirements will receive invitations for full proposals, which must include a simple design document. The invitations will be issued on 23 September. Full proposals will be evaluated on the strength of the design document and the submitting team, as well as feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the design.

The successful production team will be required to produce a first-round functional prototype by 1 April 2009 and a fully playable beta version with online promotion and pre-registration by 1 June 2009. If a playable game is to be online before SIGGRAPH 2009, it should be live by 1 July.

SIGGRAPH 2009 will provide a modest stipend to the winning team to offset some production and implementation costs.