Information Aesthetics Showcase: Submission Info

The Information Aesthetics Showcase submission deadline was 18 February 2009.

We are looking for 2D or 3D works for the Information Aesthetics Showcase. Submissions can range from prints to interactive screen-based works, multimodal installation environments, or other works that would interest or delight the community and demonstrate innovative, appealing, and amazing uses of technology. Special attention will be given to multimodal or multisensory work and to work based on data relevant to New Orleans and its environs.

If you are interested in discussing the technology or design of your installation, please also consider simultaneously proposing a Talk.

Use the General Submission online submission form. Submissions are due by 22:00 UTC/GMT, 18 February 2009. For more information about uploading files for your submission, please see Uploading Files.

Log in to the SIGGRAPH Information System, select "Begin a New Submission," and then select "create" for the General Submission form. You will be asked for:

  • Basic information about your submission (page 1). During this step, you will need to select "Information Aesthetics" as your primary keyword.
  • Permissions (page 2)
  • A presentation format (page 3). Select Information Aesthetics Showcase.

Your submission must include the following materials and information:

  • Basic submission information, including submitter name, affiliation, and contact information, as well as title of the work, a single-sentence summary that introduces the achievements of your work (50 words or fewer), and a one-paragraph overview that highlights the innovations or significant accomplishments and contributions to the SIGGRAPH community (150 words or fewer).
  • One "representative image" suitable for use in the conference web site and promotional materials. See Representative Image Guidelines.
  • Statement of permissions to use the submitted materials.
  • A 300-word description of your submission to be used on the web site.
  • A one-page abstract describing your work (PDF).
  • Date of completion of your work.
  • Size and weight.
  • For kinetic or installation pieces, provide detailed information on electrical, networking, lighting, and sound needs, and upload a floor plan.
  • Submission categories and keywords to help ensure your submission is reviewed and juried appropriately.


  • Up to six supplementary images and/or a maximum five-minute supplementary QuickTime (.mov), AVI, or .mp4 format video file, no greater than 100 MB. All images and video files must be uploaded to the online submission system. No discs or drives will be accepted.
  • Supplementary text document (three pages max, PDF). This material can include text and images to help the jury further understand any unique results of your submission beyond the merits of your one-page required abstract. This material is only for optional jury use and might not be reviewed. Critical information for your submission should be noted in your one-page abstract.

The jury will be looking for a small number of high-quality works that will provide unique experiences to SIGGRAPH 2009 attendees. Criteria for evaluation will include:

  • Originality and validity of the data representation.
  • Value of the resulting representation to the production of new knowledge (exploration, prediction, education).
  • Sophistication of the graphical and interactive techniques used to create the project.
  • Potential for re-usability or expansion of the project.
  • Aesthetic and intuitive appeal.

The reviewers will also consider the feasibility of presenting your project during the conference period and within the convention center setting. Be aware that the more complex (and costly) the installation process, the higher the bar for acceptance.

The jury will include professionals from the computer graphics and interactive techniques communities, as well as specialists from the scientific visualization, informatics, and new media communities.

You will be notified of acceptance or rejection of your submission on 21 April 2009.

You will be able to update your basic submission information and any final materials so that it can be included in the conference program and web site. This information needs to be finalized two weeks after acceptance, around 3 May 2008. Please be prepared to deliver your final versions of your information and work on or before that date. The Computer Animation Festival may also request storyboards and production artwork.

You must sign and return Acceptance Agreements for all participants one week after acceptance.

If you wish to attend SIGGRAPH 2009, registration and travel costs are at your own expense, except for the contributor of record, who will receive recognition as specified in the SIGGRAPH 2009 Recognition Policy.

You must complete and return:

  • Shipping Information Form
  • Equipment Rental Form
  • Networking Form
  • Insurance Form

18 February
Deadline for all General Submission forms and upload of materials.

19 February - 25 March
Assignment and online review of all General Submissions.

26-29 March
Jury meeting for all General Submissions.

30 March - 19 April
Final selection and scheduling for General Submissions.

20-21 April
Acceptance and scheduling information or rejection notices are sent to all General Submissions submitters.

3 May
Deadline to make any changes to materials for publication, including speakers, short and long descriptions, abstracts, papers, and images.

3-7 August
SIGGRAPH 2009, New Orleans