Call for Submissions

Welcome to the SIGGRAPH 2009 Call for Submissions!

The annual SIGGRAPH conference is a non-profit, volunteer event. We work with some professional contractors for design and production, but all the content at the conference, from technical papers to artwork, from courses to movies, is created and presented by volunteers. The range and enthusiasm of the material is part of what makes the conference so exciting. Theoretical computer scientists present papers full of subtle mathematics in one room, while next door animators discuss the finer points of human walk cycles, and across the aisle musicians and visual artists present a live collaborative work. If your work involves computers, visual experiences, and/or innovative interactions, consider submitting your achievements to SIGGRAPH 2009 and sharing them with tens of thousands of other creative people.

SIGGRAPH thrives because of the quality and diversity of our members, and the tremendous value of the work they produce in a wide range of disciplines. From students to studio heads, from independent artists to university professors, SIGGRAPH gives you an opportunity to present your work to colleagues, old friends, and people you've never met before. You'll also get to see their work, and meet and socialize with them. This year we're focusing not only on graphics and interactive techniques, but on music and games. We welcome you to contribute!

If you're exploring how your kind of work best fits at SIGGRAPH 2009, take a look at the Submission Call By Focus (on the left of this page) for topic-specific calls for what we're looking for. Or jump directly to the Submission Info for details on the specific type of submission you're interested in.

To maintain the highest quality of material, every piece submitted to SIGGRAPH 2009 is reviewed by a highly qualified jury composed of top practitioners in the relevant field. Because we want each jury to have the time to review each piece carefully, submission deadlines generally are several months ahead of the conference itself. To accommodate work that gets done in the spring, we also have a late-breaking submission deadline for some types of submissions. All the submission deadlines are strictly enforced, so plan ahead! See Important Dates

At SIGGRAPH 2009, you can present your work to some of the most creative artists, entrepreneurs, researchers, musicians, and other creative people on the planet, in a vibrant and exciting city that is known for its food, music, and hospitality. We invite you to contribute and look forward to seeing you there!

The SIGGRAPH 2009 Committee