Submission Deadline:
1 March 2009
22:00 UTC/GMT
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Game Papers: Submission Info

Deadline Update
To aid in the transition of Sandbox into the main SIGGRAPH conference, the deadline for Game Papers submissions has been extended to 1 March 2009.

We are looking for papers on a wide range of topics related to games:

  • Analysis and understanding of the player experience
  • Psychophysics and user interfaces
  • Literacy and games
  • Ethics and values in game play and design
  • Experimental game design and game
  • Transmedia storytelling, world-building and games
  • The effect of game console hardware, software, tools, and middleware on design practice
  • Significance of development tools and techniques on design outcomes
  • Mathematical game theory applied to video games
  • Cinematography in games
  • Artificial intelligence in games
  • Interactive physics
  • Developing games in virtual worlds
  • Speech and vision processing as user input
  • Procedural art
  • Sound design and music in games
  • Story structure (setting, plot, character, theme) in games and interactive fiction
  • Legal, political, and societal impacts of games
  • Women and diversity in games
  • Gamer culture and community (for example, modding communities, LAN parties, creative gamer content, and machinima)
  • Independent game development
  • Economics and business models in the game industry
  • Game production and labor

Feel free to submit papers on other relevant topics as well.

Use the Game Papers online submission form. Submissions are due by 22:00 UTC/GMT, 1 March 2009. For more information about uploading files for your submission, please see Uploading Files.

Game Papers must be submitted with all personal information removed, to accommodate a blind review process. Each submission must be identified with the unique submission_ID, so it is necessary to fill out a separate online submission form for each art paper you intend to submit. When you begin a submission form, the system will assign a submission_ID, which should be used to identify your submission in all uploaded materials. It should appear instead of the author's name in your uploaded game paper PDF file, instead of a name or affiliation in your uploaded video, and the top of any supplementary materials.

Log in to the SIGGRAPH Information System, select "Begin a New Submission," and then select "create" for the Game Papers submission form. You will be asked for:

  • Basic submission information, including author names, affiliation, and contact information, as well as title of the work, a single-sentence summary that introduces the achievements of your work (50 words or fewer) and a 300-word abstract summarizing the essential points of the manuscript.
  • One "representative image" suitable for use in the conference web site and promotional materials. See Representative Image Guidelines.
  • Statement of permissions to use the submitted materials.
  • A 300-word description of your paper to be used on the web site.
  • A maximum eight-page paper, written and proofed, in PDF format, that conforms to the SIGGRAPH style rules and Instructions for Authors. A sample paper is available here.
  • Submission categories and keywords to help ensure your submission is reviewed and juried appropriately.

Optional: You may also provide up to six supplementary images and/or a maximum five-minute supplementary video. We only accept uploaded videos in QuickTime MPEG-4 or DivX Version 6 formats, and the file size should not exceed 100 MB. The file must be uploaded using the online submission system.

Previously published work may not be submitted, nor may the same work be submitted to any other conference or journal during the SIGGRAPH 2009 Games Papers review period.

All Game Papers will be reviewed by an independent committee, which will provide written feedback on each paper.

You will be notified of acceptance or rejection of your Game Paper in early May 2009.

You will be able to update your basic submission information and any final materials so that it can be included in the conference program and web site. This information needs to be finalized two weeks after acceptance, around 3 June 2009. Please be prepared to deliver your final versions of your information and work on or before that date.

Accepted Game Papers are presented by their authors at SIGGRAPH 2009 and published in the ACM Sandbox Symposium Proceedings.

If your Game Paper is accepted, you will be able to update your basic submission information so that it can be included in the conference program and web site. This information needs to be finalized two weeks after acceptance.

You must sign and return an Acceptance Agreement one week after acceptance.

You must provide a final, camera-ready paper (due 5 June 2009).

If you wish to attend SIGGRAPH 2009, registration and travel costs are at your own expense, except for the contributor of record, who will receive recognition as specified in the SIGGRAPH 2009 Recognition Policy.

You will receive information on when and where your paper will be presented.

1 March
Deadline for all Game Papers forms and upload of materials.

1 March - 1 April
Review and deliberation period.

Early April
Authors notified by email of submission status (acceptance with or without revision or rejection).

8 May
Accepted authors' deadline to submit edits based on review feedback.
Updates of basic submission information and final materials.

15 May
Final, camera-ready paper.

3-7 August
SIGGRAPH 2009, New Orleans