The GameJam! submission deadline has been extended to 13 May 2009.

ACM SIGGRAPH and Sandbox are hosting the First Annual SIGGRAPH GameJam! The mission of GameJam! is to create an atmosphere that encourages fun and allows YOU to showcase your talents to the SIGGRAPH community and beyond.

Teams will race against each other, and the clock, to design, implement, and complete the best video game in the universe! For 24 non-stop hours, competitors will code, design, texture, paint, and produce games that will be judged by a diverse panel of videogame creators and players. Prizes will be awarded in several categories, including best game play, best sound design, best appearance, best of show, crowd favorite, and even the most spectacular failure!

The Event
Judges will select five teams to participate in the GameJam! Teams must have no more than three members. Teams should use the GameJam! Team Program Submission Form. Teams should include a programmer, an artist, and a sound designer. The roles can be loose as long as all of the responsibilities are covered. Individual applicants will be assigned to a team. Individuals should use the GameJam! Individual Program Submission Form. Teams and individuals must submit their demo materials in accordance with the submission guidelines.

The five qualifying teams will be selected based on criteria set forth in the official rules and invited to participate in the main GameJam! event before an attendee crowd and a panel of judges from the gaming industry that may include leading talent from top graphics, feature film, animation, and game companies.

The qualifying teams will be asked to create a video game based on a theme to be provided at the main event, during the limited time allowed, using only those assets supplied at the event and their own talent and skills.

During the event, GameJam! will provide:

  • Hardware: Machines for each of your team members
  • Software: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3D StudioMax, Adobe Flash, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe After Effects.
  • Meals (Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks)
  • Liquid energy (Caffeinated beverages and non-caffeinated options)
  • White boards and markers for team management
  • A nap area
  • And chances to win assets that could help with game creation.

We are also considering offering a 3D platform for game creation. The submission form asks for your preferred 3D game development platform, but we encourage the use of Adobe Flash for game creation. Software applications are generously provided by our friends at the above companies and are subject to change without notice. No other software may be brought to the competition by contestants.

The Prizes
Entrants will compete to win in a variety of categories, including:

  • Best of Show - The best overall game. This game is fun, looks and sounds great, and utilizes the theme.
  • Best Game Play - Regardless of how the game looks or uses the theme, this game is the most fun to play. Of all the entries, it has the best mechanics.
  • Best Appearance - Best looking game. This is a combination of the quality of graphics, effects, and art direction.
  • Best Sound Design - The game that makes the best use of audio and sound effects.
  • Crowd Favorite - The game that earns the most votes from attendees.
  • Epic Failure - The game that failed, in one way or another, while trying to do something new and novel. The failure can be that it is not fun, not finished, broken, etc. The important thing is that what was attempted was new, risky, and completely insane.

Decisions will be made by an elite panel of judges from the videogame industry. Each GameJam! participant will be awarded a Basic Conference Pass for SIGGRAPH 2009. Additional prizes for each category may be revealed at the event.

Entry Fees
The entry fee is $US 10 per person. Each team is limited to one submission, and no one is authorized to enter more than once. If we find anyone listed on more than one team, all such teams will be disqualified. (See Official Rules for details.)

There is no fee to participate in the event.

Entry Details
The demo materials can be 2D and/or 3D but must be no greater than 200 MB in size in QuickTime (.mov), Windows (.avi), or MPEG (.mpg or .mp4) format. The team demo and single demo materials must contain original material that has been created by members of the team alone (without the help or contribution of any other individuals). The material included on the team or single-entry demo material cannot be copied from any other materials or sources and cannot be owned or copyrighted by anyone other than one or more of the members of the team.

In the event of any conflict between this announcement and the official rules, the official rules will control.

How to Submit a GameJam! Application

Thank you!

Tina Ziemek
GameJam! Lead
University of Utah