How to Submit a GameJam! Application

Study These Submission Requirements Carefully
Improper submission of required documents may delay or disquality your entry.

Prepare Your Work for Submission
Each team must select one member of the team to act as the team organizer. The team organizer must submit a complete application package for the team (discussed in more detail below). Individual applicants must submit their own materials.

The demo materials can be 2D and/or 3D, but no greater than 200 MB in size in QuickTime (.mov), Windows (.avi), or MPEG (.mpg or .mp4) format. The demo materials can be uploaded to the online submission system.

Only one entry per team is permitted. A team entry fee must be paid prior to gaining access to the application forms. The team will then receive a confirmation code that will provide access to the application forms. The required forms must then by signed by all team members and faxed to ACM Conference Administration.

The team demo materials must contain original material that has been created by members of the team alone (without help or contributions from any other individuals). The material included on the team demo reel cannot be copied from any other materials or sources and cannot be owned or copyrighted by anyone other than one or more of the members of the team.

Observe the Submission Deadlines
Demo reel submission is available until 13 May 2009, at 5 pm, Pacific Daylight Time.

Submission Process and Links
1. Select the team organizer.

2. Pay the entry fee, US $10 per person (individual submitter $10, three-person team $30): Online Payment System.

3. Watch your email for your confirmation code. You must enter this code in the online submission system. If you do not already have a login ID and password for the online submission system, you will be required to create one.

4. Print out separate Waiver & Release for all members of your team. Each member must sign one copy of the waiver.

5. Print out one copy of the Official Rules for each member of your team. Each member must sign one copy of the rules.

6. These documents (copies of the waiver and copies of the rules) must be faxed by the team organizer no later than 5 pm Pacific Daylight Time, 13 May, to: +1.856.423.3420

If we do not receive your completed, signed waiver and rules, your entry cannot be evaluated by SIGGRAPH 2009.

Selected contestants will be informed on or before 1 July.