Real-Time Rendering:
Call for Submissions

If you have ever attended the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival and you work in games, research, interactive, or real-time rendering, you probably walked out inspired and frustrated. Inspired because the sheer quality of the work is always impressive and fantastic. Frustrated because, to date, the festival has showcased linear animation created by people with seemingly limitless computation time and processing power, and the ability to do detailed compositing and hand tweaking. But it hasn't displayed the great work of real-time artists who create incredible imagery and animation for everything from fast-paced gaming to intricate medical procedures.

This year, with your help, that all changes, as SIGGRAPH dedicates a segment of the Computer Animation Festival to real-time rendering projects of all kinds. The real-time work will have its own jury of industry professionals and players. The top selections will be played and demonstrated live on their respective platform (X-Box 360, PS3, PC, etc.) with different content presented and demonstrated live at each Evening Theater screening. Additionally, as part of the expanded Computer Animation Festival, we will be programming a full day of presentations and panels that will explore the most current and exciting work being created with real-time engines.

For details on how to submit your work, see submission info. We are looking for submissions in several categories: commercially released video games, experimental or prototypes games or software applications, interactive data visualizations or renderings, among others. As long as the submission is interactively controlled and rendered in real time and can be repeated in front of a live audience, it will be considered.

For details on how to submit a proposal for a real-time presentation, see submission info on Courses, Talks, Panels, Technical Papers, and Posters. You are welcome to submit your real-time work to the Computer Animation Festival and, at the same time, submit a proposal for a presentation that explains the technical or artistic ideas behind the work.

If you have any questions on opportunities for presentations by and for the computer graphics production community at SIGGRAPH 2009, please contact us. And please help spread the word by forwarding this page to colleagues and associates who would be interested in participating in SIGGRAPH 2009.