Music & Audio: Call for Submissions

For over 35 years, the SIGGRAPH conference has been the premier venue for showcasing work in computer graphics and interactive techniques. A strong component of both of these aspects of the conference has been application of audio and/or music to enhance the experience, help tell the story, or play a significant role in establishing tone, atmosphere, and mood. But the conference has never before asked for direct content submissions in the fields of audio or music.

music & audio For SIGGRAPH 2009, we are welcoming submissions in multiple fields of digital music to showcase composition and research in areas such as visual music, unique and innovative synthesis methods, custom-built or adapted sound-programming environments, digital recording, live interactive performances, sound effects, audio playback technologies, and art installations. If you are creating high-quality, professional, cutting-edge work with a computer in these and similar fields, we'd like to know about it.

SIGGRAPH 2009 offers a ready-made audience of roughly 20,000 creative individuals who would be interested in your work: fine artists, engineers, scientists, special-effects creators, filmmakers, students, educators, and everyone in between. Many of these people are using audio tools or adding music to their productions already. Many more will do so in the future.

For juried work, specific programs to submit to are:

Computer Animation Festival
music & audio Visual Music is the fusion of animation and music to form a complete piece that is stronger than the sum of its parts. SIGGRAPH 2009 strongly encourages submission of these works to the Computer Animation Festival . They will be juried and selected by a small group of experts in Visual Music. For details on how to submit, see submission info. Computer Animation Festival submissions are due Wednesday, 4 March 2009.

We also encourage submission of performances featuring work that includes generation of images and music in a real-time, interactive setting, using software and hardware ranging from custom rigs to commercial systems like Max/MSP. For details on how to submit, see submission info. Performance submissions are due Wednesday, 18 February 2009.

Emerging Technologies
If you are researching or developing new technology for music & audio interaction or playback that you would like to showcase, present, or demonstrate to attendees at the conference, submit to this program. For details on how to submit, see submission info. Emerging Technologies submissions are due Wednesday, 18 February 2009.

Presentation Sessions
SIGGRAPH 2009 invites proposals to present Talks, lead moderated Panels, or teach Courses. All these programs welcome and encourage submissions about music and audio. Topics can include areas such as film scoring, audio recording, game music, audio/visual research, or industry and professional issues. See the submission info for each of these programs for details on how to submit. Presentation submissions are due Wednesday, 18 Febrary 2009. (A special late-breaking deadline is available for work completed in the spring of 2009: Wednesday, 6 May 2009.)

In addition to these juried programs, we also have opportunities for companies and institutions to connect with attendees:

SIGGRAPH 2009 hosts a large Exhibition for companies and institutions to showcase their products and services. Each year, the SIGGRAPH Exhibition attracts tens of thousands of qualified attendees who are looking for the latest technologies.

The Studio
If you are excited by the idea of getting your technology into the hands of attendees in a workshop setting, The Studio is the place to be. This hands-on area is dedicated to providing attendees an immersive, multidisciplinary, creative experience. To donate technology to The Studio, contact the chair.

SIGGRAPH 2009 is also looking into partnerships and outreach efforts with local New Orleans musicians and musical institutions.

This is your opportunity to help chart the course for the continued presence of music and audio at SIGGRAPH conferences in the future. If you have any questions about the opportunities for presenting music and audio at SIGGRAPH 2009, please contact us. And please help spread the word by forwarding this page to colleagues and associates who would be interested in participating in SIGGRAPH 2009.