Games: Call for Submissions

The ACM Sandbox Symposium has explored the expressive nature of videogames since SIGGRAPH 2006. The relationships among game-design practices, technologies, player experiences, and the intellectual challenges that face game designers, developers, researchers, and players are highlighted in the Sandbox Symposium. Starting in 2009, the Sandbox Symposium is no longer a separate event but is integrated into the main SIGGRAPH conference, living on through The Sandbox, Game Papers, and more.

sandbox SIGGRAPH 2009 encourages submissions from the creative and technical communities that develop videogames and from academic researchers who study videogames and relevant technologies and disciplines. We are looking for work that describes or illustrates innovative research in videogame theory, practice, methodologies, and criticism. We seek original thinking that questions common assumptions about the creative, technological, commercial, and intellectual challenges facing game designers, developers, researchers and players today. The dialogue generated by these questions should inspire new areas of investigation that will influence the next level of game-play experiences.

Game Papers
cover Game papers are submitted in full final form, and are peer reviewed. Selected papers will be presented at the conference and published as Sandbox 2009: ACM SIGGRAPH Video Game Proceedings. See submission info for details on how to submit Game Papers. Game Paper submissions are due Wednesday, 18 February 2009.

Talks present novel and interesting work, results, and experiences. The work does not need to be polished, or as substantial as a Game Paper, but the submitted proposal should be complete enough for evaluation. A variation on the talk format, Informal Forums, focuses less on results and completed work and instead provides a low-tech "soap box" opportunity to share new ideas, provide new perspectives, and stimulate discussions. Evaluation criteria for Talks are whether they will be of interest and value to a segment of the SIGGRAPH community. See submission info for details on how to submit Talks. Talk submissions are due Wednesday, 18 February 2009. For work completed in spring of 2009, Talks may be submitted by a special late-breaking deadline: Wednesday, 6 May.

If you have a good idea for a panel discussion, and you can assemble and moderate a group of expert panelists, see submission info for details on how to submit. Panel submissions are due Wednesday, 18 February 2009.

A course proposal includes an overview of the course, its target audience, its speakers, and a syllabus. See submission info for details on how to submit Courses. Course submissions are due Wednesday, 18 February 2009.

Computer Animation Festival: Real-Time Rendering
Computer Animation Festival The SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival features a section focused entirely on real-time computer graphics that push the boundaries of what users and viewers have come to expect. To emphasize their real-time nature, the selected pieces will be demonstrated live on their platforms. If you are have new results in software or hardware for real-time rendering, consider submitting to the Real-Time Rendering portion of the Computer Animation Festival. For details on how to submit, see submission info. Real-Time Rendering submissions are due Wednesday, 4 March 2009.

In addition to these juried programs, SIGGRAPH 2009 presents The Sandbox, a home base for hands-on experience with videogames. It includes workshop areas for game design, demo stations for the works shown in the Real-Time Rendering section of the Computer Animation Festival, and an IndieCade (an Independent Games Arcade) that highlights innovative, independent game design and development. And for exceptionally enthusiastic and hardy game designers, we will be running a Game Jam.

If you have any questions about opportunities to present game work at SIGGRAPH, please contact us. And please help spread the word by forwarding this page to colleagues and associates who would be interested in participating in SIGGRAPH 2009.