Computer Animation Festival Films: Submission Info

The Computer Animation Festival submission deadline was 4 March 2009.

The next Computer Animation Festival submission deadline is 27 June 2009, for SIGGRAPH Asia 2009, Yokohama.

"My particular aesthetic of light and color and design wouldn't change as a result of working with computer graphics rather than with slit scan or miniatures."
           Douglas Trumbull

We are looking for films that showcase the most recent advances in computer-generated imagery and, at the same time, entertain and educate. Whether the computer that created the film has a standard engine or a game engine; runs Mac, PC, or Linux; or is an old SGI you just couldn't part with, if your work is visually stunning and conceptually entertaining, we encourage you to read the submission guidelines and submit your film.

The subject matter of the films we would like to see includes:

  • Content that educates the festival audience about advances in rendering, animation, research, and the tools used to create digital images, including astronomy, medical, visual music, and science visualizations.
  • Content that elaborates and highlights the tools and talent used to create visual effects, games (real-time captures as well as pre-rendered work), and animations.
  • Content that shows the many uses of real-time game rendering engines outside of the gaming industry.
  • Content that reflects the joy of music and the complex history of New Orleans, or enhances our conference themes of Music and Multi-Senses, are particularly encouraged.

Films, with the exception of documentary/educational films, should contain at least 50% computer-generated imagery for consideration in the Computer Animation Festival.

Production must have been completed between September 2006 and February 2009.

You are also encouraged to submit a proposal for a Talk or a Panel about your film, or about other topics of interest to the animation festival.

Submission information for the special Real-Time Rendering section of the Computer Animation Festival

Use the Computer Animation Festival: Films online submission form. Submissions, including a completed entry form and a film for jury review, are due by 22:00 UTC/GMT, 4 March 2009.

Log in to the SIGGRAPH Information System, select "Begin a New Submission," and then select "create" for the Computer Animation Festival Films submission form. You will be asked for:

  • Basic submission information, including submitter name, affiliation, and contact information, as well as title of the work, a single-sentence summary that introduces the achievements of your work (50 words or fewer), and a one-paragraph overview that highlights the innovations or significant accomplishments and contributions to the SIGGRAPH community (150 words or fewer).
  • One "representative image" suitable for use in the conference web site and promotional materials. If your work is accepted, this image will be used in the Computer Animation Festival catalog and program. See Representative Image Guidelines.
  • A 300-word description of your submission to be used in the SIGGRAPH 2009 Electronic Art and Animation Catalog (example).
  • Statement of permissions to use the submitted materials.
  • You will be required to download the official Computer Animation Festival Slate and put it at the head of your entry. Slates must include the following:
         - Name of work
         - Name of creator (either individual or studio)
         - Overall length not including slates and handles
         - Native video resolution and format(1080p, 1080i, 720p), frame rate
            (23.98, 29.97, 59.94), audio sample rate (44.1 kHz, 48 kHz, etc.),
            and encoding (stereo, 5.1, etc.)
         - Download your HD Slate
         - Download your SD Slate
  • If an agent or representative is entering the film, you must provide contact information for the creator of the work.
  • A list of hardware and software used (including custom software).
  • Year that production was completed and primary country of production.
  • The native sound format, resolution and frame rate of the film.
  • A low-resolution version of your animation, for judging. Please upload QuickTime (.mov), AVI, or .mp4 format, no greater than 500 MB. All entries must be uploaded to the SIGGRAPH Submission System, no discs or drives will be accepted for the judging process. The jury will look at a five-minute (maximum) segment. If your piece is longer than five minutes, provide the starting timecode of the five-minute section the jury should review (MM:SS) and only upload that section of the film.
  • Indicate whether you are willing to edit the film if requested by the jury.

Computer Animation Festival Categories

Animation Shorts
Narrative, experimental, commercials, promotional spots, bumpers, public service announcements, opening sequences for motion pictures and television, and sections or selections of animated film or television series.

Architectural and CG Urban Planning Visualizations
Pieces that show the use of computer graphics in building, rebuilding, or restoration of everything from a simple house, to an entire neighborhood, commercial district, city utility structure, or transportation system.

Emerging and Re-Emerging Technology
Demoscene, machinima, Flash, anything you have been creating with tools originally intended for one purpose but that are solving imaging issues and creating content that weren't even a problem when they were first created.

Music-Related Works
Including music videos, music visualizations, DJ-created sound and music pieces, and any other pieces that engage the viewer with both music and visuals.

Research, Educational, and Documentary Shorts
Short films that focus on research, development, and results of the latest tools in computer graphics imagery and interactive techniques, including rendering, lighting, digital color timing, etc.

Small-Format Films
Any film created to be viewed on a small screen: cell phone, PDA, MP3 player, PSP, etc.

Student Categories
Films are considered in these student categories if the project was created as part of an approved, certified program: student research, student narrative animation, student scientific project, or real-time visualization. The submitter must check the "is this a student film" box "yes" on the online submission form to be considered for student prizes or screenings.

All submitted films will be evaluated by two juries:

Pre-Selection Jury
Twenty individuals from the computer graphics, research, and film industries will be chosen to view all of the submitted films in categories that match their areas of expertise. This will be an online review process. Submissions that survive the triage process will be judged by the main jury. Results of the triage process will be provided no later than 16 March 2009.

Main Jury
Eight jurors and two alternates from the computer graphics, research, and film industries will meet in mid-March to review and vote on all the remaining films. Status notification of the jury results will be provided no later than 27 March 2009.

If your work is accepted for the Computer Animation Festival, you will be able to update your basic submission information so that it can be included in the conference program and web site. This information needs to be finalized two weeks after acceptance. The Computer Animation Festival may also request storyboards and production artwork.

You must sign and return an Acceptance Agreement one week after acceptance.

If you wish to attend SIGGRAPH 2009, registration and travel costs are at your own expense, except for the contributor of record, who will receive recognition as specified in the SIGGRAPH 2009 Recognition Policy.

You must provide final, high-resolution material that conforms to these specifications:

Digital specs: DNxHD codec (a/k/a AVdn), 1080p 23.98psf, 1080i 59.94, or 720p 59.94, DNxHD 115 8 bit or higher

Download detailed guidelines on how to convert your movie to Avid DNxHD


Tape Specs: HDCAM, HDCAMSR 4:2:2 or D5 (1080p 23.98psf, 1080i 59.94, or 720p 59.94) For 5.1 audio, the track layout should be: L,R,C,Lf,Ls,Rs and LTRT on ch 7 and 8. You must include either a stereo mix or LTRT with the 5.1

Deliver your film via digital upload (information provided upon acceptance) or firewire drive. Final materials must be received by 15 April 2009. If you can not delivery your film in the required format, your film can not be screened at the festival.

Please direct technical questions to the Computer Animation Festival Email Contact Form

Award Consideration
All work submitted to the Computer Animation Festival will be considered for the following awards:

  • Best of Show, which qualifies the winner for consideration in the Best Short Animated Film category by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
  • Jury Award, chosen by the Main Jury.
  • Best Student Film Prize (only submissions that are marked as student entries and meet the qualifying criteria will be considered for this award).

The nominees in each category will be notified no later than 15 April 2009. The winners of the awards will be announced at SIGGRAPH 2009.

18 February
Deadline for Talks and Panels proposals related to the Computer Animation Festival.

4 March
Deadline for all Computer Animation Festival forms and upload of jury-viewing version of the submission. See How to Submit (above).

9-14 March
Online preliminary selection for Competition Films.

9-14 March
Jury meeting for special real-time submissions.

15 April
Deadline for final versions of films. See How to Submit (above).

16 March
Contributors are notified whether their films will be reviewed by the main jury.

20-21 March
Main jury meeting for Competition Films

27 March
Acceptance or rejection notices are sent to submitters of Competition Films and special real-time submissions.

10 April
Deadline to make any changes to short and long descriptions of accepted films or to change images that will appear in the catalog, program, and web site.

15 April
Deadline for final versions of films.

6 May
Deadline for late-breaking Talks and Panels proposals related to the Computer Animation Festival.

3-7 August
SIGGRAPH 2009, New Orleans