Technical Papers Discussants

To promote a lively exchange of ideas during the Technical Papers presentations, each paper in the program will be allotted 25 minutes, 20 minutes for presentation and five minutes for discussion of the paper, with the session chair serving as discussant.

Anyone may submit a question to the discussant for any session. These questions should be scholarly in nature, diplomatically phrased, and specific to one of the papers being presented in that session.

How do I submit a question?
In advance:
To submit your question electronically, select the Submit a Question link on the session pages. Technical Papers will be officially published, and made available in the ACM Digital Library, one week before the conference begins.

During the conference, you can continue to submit questions the same way. The Conference Locator will list a unique email address for each session. And as you walk into each paper session, there will be a box of index cards and pencils at the door. Feel free to pick up a card, scribble a question (even during the talk), and hand it to a Student Volunteer, who will hand-deliver it to the discussant.

What will happen to my question after I submit it?
Emails sent to these addresses will be routed to the appropriate session chairs, who will check their email at least until the night before the session. Questions will not be shown to speakers beforehand.

Will my question remain anonymous?
In your questions, you may identify yourself or you may remain anonymous. (If you submit electronically, indicate whether you wish to be indentified or not.) In either case, don't forget to designate which of the papers in that session you are asking a question about.