Session Room Equipment

Technical Sessions
SIGGRAPH 2009 provides a generous array of presentation technology in the technical session rooms. The standard setup includes a screen, a high-resolution video/data projector, a DVD player, an audio cassette player, a CD player, a standing lectern, a laser pointer, two head-table microphones, lectern microphone, wireless lavaliere microphone, a Windows PC, and a Macintosh.

All the video players and computers are connected to a switcher at the lectern that feeds the high-resolution video/data projector. The largest rooms also offer a second screen and projector for projecting the images of the presenters on the stage.

Here's the presentation equipment you will find in each technical session room:

One projection screen, sized appropriately for the room layout. One very bright, high-resolution video/data projector.

Video Playback
One DVD player located at the head table.

One PC with CD-R/DVD drive, internet connectivity, Windows XP, Microsoft Office. One Apple Mac with CD/DVD drive, internet connectivity, MAC OSX, Microsoft Office, and Keynote.

All rooms are equipped with stereo sound systems for playback sources and computer audio.