Physics Simulation

55A. A Data-Driven Visual Simulation of Fire Phenomena
Moohyun Cha
Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials

55B. Desired Deformation of Continuum Surfaces in 3DCG Animation by Time-Varying Stable Forms
Ippei Takauchi
Masatoshi Ochiai
Hiromu Saito
Ryo Asakura
Motofumi Hattori
Kanagawa Institute of Technology

56A. The Framework of Sound Rendering for Particle-Based Physics
Kazuhiko Yamamoto
Kyushu University

56B. Physics for Animation Artists
Alejandro Garcia
Alice A. Carter
J. Courtney Granner
David Chai
San Jose State University

57A. Real-Time Droplet Modeling Using Color-Space Environment Matting
Biswarup Choudhury
Pisith Hao
Sharat Chandran
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay