Image & Video Processing

31A. 3D-Model-Based Face Replacement in Video
Yi-Ting Cheng
Virginia Tzeng
Yu Liang
National Taiwan University

Chuan-Chang Wang
Next Media Animation Limited

Bing-Yu Chen
Yung-Yu Chuang
Ming Ouhyoung
National Taiwan University

31B. A Comparison of Three Methods of Face Recognition for Home Photos
Che-Hua Yeh
Pei-Ruu Shih
Kuan-Ting Liu
Yin-Tzu Lin
Huang-Ming Chang
Ouhyoung Ming
National Taiwan University

32A. Augmenting a Camera With a Thermometer
Joern Loviscach
Fachhochschule Bielefeld

32B. Automatic Colorization of Grayscale Images Using Multiple Images on the Web
Yuji Morimoto
Yuichi Taguchi
Takeshi Naemura
The University of Tokyo

33A. Data-Driven Diffuse-Specular Separation of Spherical Gradient Illumination
Tongbo Chen
Abhijeet Ghosh
Paul Debevec
University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies

33B. Deblurring With Rank-Structured Inverse Approximations
Mary Hudachek-Buswell
Catherine Matos
Clayton State University

Michael Stewart
Georgia State University

34A. Image-Based DressUp System
Nari Kim
Jong-Chul Yoon
In-Kwon Lee
Yonsei University

34B. Image Panoramic System for Mobile Devices
Yingen Xiong
Xianglin Wang
Marius Tico
Chia-Kai Liang
Kari Pulli
Nokia Research Center

35A. Proportional Constraint for Seam Carving
Kei Utsugi
Takuma Shibahara
Takafumi Koike
Hitachi Ltd.

Takeshi Naemura
University of Tokyo

35B. Ray Tracing to Get 3D Fixations on VOIs From Portable Eye-Tracker Videos
Susan Munn
Jeff Pelz
Rochester Institute of Technology

36A. Uniform-Looking Vector Plot With Streamline Fragmentation
Naoki Kawai
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.

36B. Video Segmentation With Motion Smoothness
Chung-Lin Wen
Yu-Ting Wong
Bing-Yu Chen
National Taiwan University

Youichi Sato
The University of Tokyo