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The quasi-series is about the pursuit of orders that are rigorously modular but wild - almost out of order. Quasicrystals, a new phase of matter discovered in 1984, represent this kind of material structure, which hovers on the edge of falling apart.

Unlike a regular crystal, whose molecular pattern is periodic (or repetitive in all directions), the distinctive quality of a quasicrystal is that its structural pattern never repeats the same way twice. It is endless and uneven, but interestingly, it can be described by the arrangement of a small set of modular parts. Aranda\Lasch furniture and design objects are produced and represented by the Johnson Trading Gallery.

Rules of Six

Rules of Six is a large-scale commission by the Museum of Modern Art for the exhibition Design and the Elastic Mind, curated by Paola Antonelli. Rules of Six is an experiment in growth. The design explores issues of self-assembly, where top-down methods for determining form are replaced by bottom-up rules of formation.

The structures presented are not carved or composed in a traditional sense; they are grown through simple interactions, hexagonal in nature, that are much like the ones molecules follow in the lab. The project was produced in collaboration with Matthew L. Scullin, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of California, Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.

The Morning Line

The Morning Line is a collaboration with the artist Matthew Ritchie and Daniel Bosia of Arup AGU, commissioned by Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary. It explores the interplay among art, architecture, cosmology, and music.

The Morning Line is conceived as a drawing in space, where each line connects to other lines to construct a spatial picture. Within this space, composers and musicians perform. Geometrically based an a three-dimensional fractal, the piece can be dissaembled into modular, stackable, and transportable units. A key ambition of the collaboration was to produce an integrated approach between art and architecture, where the drawn lines are both the structure and the space.

Chris Lasch & Benjamin Aranda
212 Forsyth Street North Storefront
New York, New York 10002