First-Time Attendees

Is this your first SIGGRAPH conference? It can be a little overwhelming, but here are some tips on how to get the most out of your first time:

Save at least one night to attend the Computer Animation Festival Evening Theater, where you'll see the finest in the past year's technical and artistic achievement.

Make sure you attend the Reception on Thursday evening, where you can catch up with all of those folks you bumped into during the week. The reception is a fun and informal occasion to network and solidify the connections you've made at SIGGRAPH 2009.

Don't miss the Galleries & Experiences. Your boss might have you running from course to exhibition to paper presentations to get the latest in technical information. But make sure you save some time for the inspirations you can find in places like the BioLogic: A Natural History of Digital Life, Generative Fabrication, Emerging Technologies, and the Information Aesthetics Showcase.

Try Encounter SIGGRAPH, a scavenger hunt that helps you find and connect with cool things at the conference, and possibly win a great prize!

Drop in on the high-energy competitors striving in FJORG! or GameJam!

Check out the Birds of a Feather sessions, a good place to find your niche or catch up with old schoolmates and former co-workers!

Interested in research? Make sure you attend the Technical Papers Fast Forward on Monday night. It's a preview of all the recent advancements will be presented in the Technical Papers sessions, so it will help you plan the rest of your week.

SIGGRAPH has a lot to offer, and these are just a few suggestions. If you are feeling lost, look for people with lots of pins on their badge and ask them for suggestions (or ask them what all those pins are for!).

The SIGGRAPH 2009 committee recommends these sessions for attendees who are new to SIGGRAPH or computer graphics:

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