Music & Audio

For over 35 years, SIGGRAPH has been the premier conference for showcasing computer graphics and work in interactive techniques. The primary focus has been on the visual, but that's just one sense among many. SIGGRAPH 2009 is highlighting the strongly related areas of music and audio, because:

  • Audiences absorb visual stories as complete experiences, so integration of the visual and audio components is critical.
  • Multimodal communication and interaction can enhance or surpass visual-only experiences.
  • Creating and editing music and audio define an important area of study in interactive techniques.

Music has an extra special connection for SIGGRAPH 2009 as we return to New Orleans, the birthplace of jazz and a vital melting pot of American music.

SIGGRAPH 2009 includes a variety of Courses, Panels, and Talks related to music and audio, see the list below. Also, the Computer Animation Festival has special screenings of Visual Music. In cooperation with the New Interfaces for Musical Expression (NIME) symposium, The Studio includes technology, software, and expert help for creating new musical interfaces. And we have daily Music Performances that combine music with imagery or demonstrate novel interactive techniques.

Musical Interface Workshop in The Studio
Participants learn how to apply sensor technology to develop their own concepts of electronic media control for research, teaching, tinkering, or art, without needing to become a hardware engineer. Special attention is focused on capturing human movements and using the data to control sound and music media using I-CubeX products. More information

The SIGGRAPH 2009 committee recommends these sessions for attendees who are especially interested in music and audio:

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