Promotion & Marketing

Precisely target and extend your promotions:
Maximize your ROI for SIGGRAPH 2009.

Participate in SIGGRAPH 2009's Exclusive Marketing Opportunities to increase your exposure and reinforce your sales message long after SIGGRAPH 2009 is over!

Reach the Prospects You Want, Anytime, Anywhere

SIGGRAPH 2009 hosts and promotes the largest, most comprehensive online resource for organizations in the computer graphics industry: the SIGGRAPH 2009 exhibitor list. The search engine allows visitors to search by product, category, or keyword and find exactly what they want. Your listing on the web site is free when you participate as an exhibitor.

Boost Response Rates: Customized, Targeted Mailing Lists

Generate pre- and post-show promotion by utilizing the exclusive SIGGRAPH 2009 registration lists for promotional mailings. Customize your list by analyzing the detailed demographic information collected from each registrant. Using the pre-registration list ensures that your message will reach the target audience that is interested in your products and services.

Go Home with Attendees: The Program & Buyer's Guide

An essential guide distributed during SIGGRAPH 2009 and used as a year-round reference, The Program & Buyer's Guide is a directory of events and the industry's reference guide to all the leading hardware and software exhibitors.

Increase Your Company's Visibility: Branding Opportunities & Exclusive Sponsorships

Help your company stand out: associate with one of the high-quality conference programs or promote your message on a banner, merchandise bag insert, conference lanyards - or ask about the other opportunities available.

Take Your Presentation to the Next Level: Exhibitor Tech Talks

SIGGRAPH 2009 offers exhibitors a venue on the show floor to provide more in-depth presentations to a larger group of attendees than can usually be hosted in a booth. Exhibitor Tech Talks let you go beyond a short demonstration and educate prospects about the true power and benefits of your product.

Invite the People You Want To Meet

SIGGRAPH 2009 will provide you with the opportunity to invite your most valued customers and prospects to visit you at SIGGRAPH 2009.

Extend Your Reach: Powerful Media Exposure

SIGGRAPH 2009's media headquarters will be a meeting point for editors and reporters from all the trade publications, with space available for distribution of exhibitor media kits. Pre-registered media lists will also be available exclusively to exhibitors.

Aggressively Promote Attendance to Targeted Decision Makers

Exhibitors profit from exposure in year-round attendance promotions that target the most active buyers, including graphic designers, animators, game developers, and software developers. SIGGRAPH 2009 awareness and attendance is built through an extensive promotional plan that reaches hundreds of thousands of computer graphics professionals worldwide.

  • More than 75 full-page ads appear in the leading industry trade publications, generating over 700,000 high-quality impressions.
  • A direct-mail campaign distributes conference information and exhibitor lists, and thousands of complimentary invitations will be sent by exhibitors.
  • Special editorial coverage in industry and related publications describing the size and scope of the SIGGRAPH 2009 Exhibition and Conference program.