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SpeedLab is a multi-disciplinary competition, in which teams are assigned a problem at the beginning of SIGGRAPH 2009, and they present their solutions to a panel of celebrity judges four days later. The judges select the winning teams and confer fame and prizes. Solutions will be evaluated on their creativity, practicality, and "cool factor".

The Problem
Create an interactive experience that will help an alien feel what it is like to be a human. You can assume the alien's senses overlap (at least a little) with a human's. You may use synesthesia to combine or translate senses. Make the fewest assumptions and communicate as much as possible about being human.

The Winners

Insight Prize
The Music Team
Uwe Hahne, Technische Universität Berlin
Gazihan Alankus, Washington University in St. Louis

Humanist Prize
The Alien Welcoming Board
Eric Sokolowsky, NASA GSFC/GST
Lu Liu, Washington University in St. Louis
Tyler Nuwleg, The Art Institute of Atlanta
David Cline, Arizona State University, Oklahoma State University

Engineering Prize
Species X
Sasakthi Abeysinghe, Washington University in St. Louis
David Gasi
Richard Gasi
Ruosi Li, Washington University in St. Louis

Honorable Mention
The Blue Team
Stephen Schuh, Washington University in St. Louis
Veronica Farve, Xavier University
Gretchen Wallace
Khalia Djado, L'Université de Sherbrooke