Social Game

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The SIGGRAPH 2009 Social Game is designed to help you build your network, have fun, and learn a little about the industry along the way.

The Collectible Business Card Game is an "open-source" collectible card game played with real business cards. "Collect" old friends and make new ones, then debate how talented they are. It's all about discussion and negotiation.

How does it work? First, collect business cards from SIGGRAPH 2009 attendees. Any real-life business card is legal - except your own! Second, sit down with one or more friends and play our simple negotiation-based card game. Use your cards to found a startup company and then develop a product. The first player to develop three "cool features" wins!

Any "rule" printed on a business card must be honored. So, consider "powering up" your business card by adding your own special ability for the game. Maybe you can even get your company involved!

Complete rules and information