Research Challenge

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Tuesday, 4 August | 1:45 - 3:30 pm | Rooms 265-266  

SIGGRAPH 2009 introduces the SIGGRAPH Annual Research Challenge competition. Individuals and teams develop innovative solutions to a challenge problem, demonstrating their creativity, design, and execution skills. Selected finalists will present their work to a panel of distinguished judges in a public session in competition for final awards.

Finalists present their solutions on Tuesday in the Research Challenge Results session.

Here is the SIGGRAPH 2009 Research Challenge:

All animals, including people, experience the world in different ways. Every animal has unique sensory equipment and a unique way of processing the information it receives. Some animals sense things that people are unaware of, and others sense the same things people do but interpret them differently. For example, bees can see in the ultraviolet range, some starfish have "eyes" all over their bodies, flies have multi-faceted vision, and sharks and some birds can sense electromagnetic fields.

The SIGGRAPH 2009 Research Challenge problem is to choose a specific animal, or a specific animal's sense, and develop a system that will enable a person to experience the physical or social world as that animal does.