Encounter SIGGRAPH

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SIGGRAPH 2009 features an all-new, high-tech interactive game that reveals all the conference highlights, testing your wits and skill and ensuring that you see SIGGRAPH like you've never seen it before!

It's called Encounter SIGGRAPH, and all you need to play is a sense of adventure and a cell phone.

Think of it like a high-tech scavenger hunt where clues and riddles are delivered back and forth to your cell phone or mobile device via text message, mobile web, or free iPhone or Android applications. Playing is easy! Sign up ahead of time and learn more: Details and Sign Up.

The game begins on Tuesday, 3 August, at 10:30 am and ends Wednesday at 6 pm. The top five scorers will receive full registration to SIGGRAPH 2010 in Los Angeles and a prime spot on the float at the SIGGRAPH 2009 Parade! The top individual scorer will be awarded a NFR copy of Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010!