Job Fair Company Directory

(As of 30 June 2009)

Animal Logic
Moore Park, Australia
Booth 12

Animation Lab
Jerusalem, Israel
Booth 7
Emeryville, California USA
Interview Room #10

Apple Inc.
Cupertino, California USA
Booth 20

Bellevue, Washington USA
Booth: 17

Blue Sky Studios
Greenwich, Connecticut USA
Interview Room #1
Hermosa Beach, California USA
Booth 6

Double Negative Visual Effects
London, United Kingdom
Booth 1

Dr. D Studios
Potts Point, Australia
Booth: 9

Gnomon, Inc.
Hollywood, California USA
Booth 19

The Guildhall at SMU
Plano, Texas
Booth 14

High Voltage Software
Hoffman Estates, Illinois USA
Booth 25

Industrial Light & Magic
San Francisco, California USA
Booth 21 & 22

Insomniac Games
Burbank, California USA
Booth 11

Intel Corporation
Santa Clara, California
Booth 28

International Game Technology
Reno, Nevada USA
Booth 8

Layfayette, Lousiana USA
Booth 18

Lucas Arts
San Francisco, California USA
Booth 21 & 22

Lucas Film
San Francisco, California USA
Booth 21 & 22

Microsoft Game Studios
Redmond, Washington USA
Booth 5

The Moving Picture Company (MPC)
London, United Kingdom
Booth: 13

NVIDIA Corporation
Santa Clara, California USA
Booth 10

Venice, California USA
Booth 16

Red 5 Studios
Irvine, California USA
Booth 27

Rockstar Games
Carlsbad, California USA
Booth 3

Sony Pictures Imageworks
Culver City, California USA
Interview Room #3

Starz Animation
Toronto, Ontario Canada
Booth 15

Ubisoft Entertainment
San Francisco, California USA
Booths 23 & 24