New Orleans

Everything you need to know about New Orleans
Info from the New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau

New Orleans has always been a non-conformist, a city of adventurous spirit, ready to consider the alternatives.

Since 1699, when French explorers landed at the great bend of the Mississippi River and celebrated the first Mardi Gras in North America, New Orleans has brewed a fascinating mélange of cultures. It was French, then Spanish, then French again, then sold to the United States. Through all those years, and even into the 21st century, others arrived from everywhere: Acadians (Cajuns), Africans, indigenous North Americans, Germans, Vietnamese, Latin Americans, New Yorkers.

Today, 310-year-old New Orleans is a major center of international trade and finance. Its port is the one of the largest in the world. Most of the grain from the US heartland passes through New Orleans en route to world markets. The city is a major focus of the Western Hemisphere's booming north-south trade. Major oil and gas production companies manage their Gulf of Mexico operations from New Orleans. And its major universities and medical centers are creating world-class technologies.

New Orleans is also the international capital of festivities. Of all kinds. It celebrates the arts in renowned museums and cultural centers. It celebrates an easy-going lifestyle with parks and zoos and architectural masterpieces. But most of all it celebrates itself. Especially with non-stop music and exceptional food.

New Orleans food is fascinating. Even at corner sandwich shops. And there's great music everywhere. Even on the streets. Twenty-four hours a day. Seven days a week.

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