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Third Keynote Announced

The New York Times Graphics Director

Steve Duenes is on the faculty at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. His team has received awards from numerous organizations including the Society of Publication Designers, American Institute of Graphic Arts, Society for News Design, and the Society of Professional Journalists. In addition, Duenes is a contributing cartoonist in the The New Yorker.

SIGGRAPH Keynote Speakers represent a variety of prominent industry luminaries and technology experts, who present on different aspects of the multi-dimensional computer graphics and interactive techniques. Duenes will join Randy Thom, pioneer in sound and two-time Academy Award® winner and Will Wright, video game designer and creator of Spore™ and The Sims series as the three keynote speakers at SIGGRAPH 2009.

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Computer Animation Festival Awards

Nominees Announced

Groundbreaking films presented at the SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival have amazed audiences for three decades. As in past years, 2009 saw hundreds of entries from all over the globe. Nominees were chosen from 770 submissions, presented by both professional studios and students alike. In all, more than 140 films will be shown during the Computer Animation Festival. The award winners will be announced during the conference.

"We were thrilled with level of quality and technical expertise that was prevalent throughout the hundreds of submissions," stated Carlye Archibeque, Computer Animation Festival Executive Producer from LightStage, LLC. "The Computer Animation Festival continues to show the power that the latest advances in computer graphics technologies have to amuse and entertain. As always the jury looked not only for amazing graphic content, but also for good story telling, whether it was a film about a boy and his spaceship, or a film about new studies in Alzheimer’s research."

Dix. Photo courtesy of The Mills and ACM SIGGRAPH 2009
The nominees for this year's Computer Animation Festival Awards are as follows:


Best of Show Nominees

Engel zu Fuss (Angel Afoot)
Studio Soi GmbH & Co; Germany
Narrative Animation - Waltraud, an angel, has fallen from the sky. Her wings have shrunk and she can no longer fly. She takes up with a troop of circus performers who help remind her how an angel gets her wings back.

French Roast
The Pumpkin Factory; France
Narrative Animation - In a fancy Parisian Café of the sixties, an uptight businessman is about to pay the check when he finds out that he's lost his wallet. To save time he decides to order more coffee. With no dialogue, the story is told through character animation, music and sound. Staging is made of a single frontal master shot with a big mirror in the background to create the equivalent of a reverse shot.

Silhouettes of Jazz
Dominik Käser, Martin-Sebastian Senn, Mario Deuss, Mark Pauly, Niloy J. Mitra; Switzerland
Experimental Animation - This animated short outlines the history of traditional jazz music in a virtual walkthrough of a shadow art museum. Improvisation, a key ingredient of jazz music, is mirrored in the ambiguity of a shadow sculpture (many different 3D shapes can cast the same 2D shadow). The movie highlights five different milestones in the evolution of jazz: the early songs of field workers, ragtime, New Orleans jazz, swing, and bebop. Each era is represented by a single 3D sculpture that casts multiple shadow images simultaneously.

Jury Award Nominees

The Mill, United States
Live Action with CG Effects - A dark, harrowing short film showing the complexities of psychological and obsessive behavior. An intricate part of the film was how the creators chopped up their main actor. They had to find solutions for every shot in order to achieve the best results. Some of the shots are 2D visual effects while others needed a 3D model animated on top of the actor and then cut revealing the actor’s flesh and blood.

Love Child
National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan
Animation Visualization - A visual capture of character creation software making digital construction of a new born infant "character" that is both visually and politically stunning.

Supinfocom Valenciennes, France
Animation Visualization - This animation, which verges on experimental, uses animals and their forms as its center piece. An elephant is seen escaping the city, but it seems the city itself is made of animals or the shapes of animals. The graphics and lighting in this film make it immensely compelling.

Student Prize Nominees

Dim Sum
Ringling College of Art and Design, United States
Narrative Animation - This amusing animation takes place in San Francisco, home of the largest and most prominent Chinatown outside of Asia. The setting is a bustling Chinese restaurant named Dim Sum where Ping, a waiter, accidentally drops a tea cup which shatters on the floor. Pong, the infamous owner of Dim Sum finds out and he is one second away from firing Ping. How far will Ping go to keep his job?

Incident at Tower 37
Hampshire College, United States
Narrative Animation - A man guards a water tower and comes across some little creatures who are trying to break into it. The short piece explores issues surrounding ownership, use, and exhaustion of natural resources. The film is a result of an undergraduate animation curriculum built upon newly-developed open-source production management and support tools.

Project: Alpha
The Animation Workshop, Denmark
Narrative Animation - The race to space is on. As nations compete, we follow the progress of a single chimpanzee that's been recruited into the Space Program. His results might prove influential for the better of all mankind.

WTF (Well Told Fable) Award

Sveinbjörn J. Tryggvason, Iceland
Narrative Animation - A very short film that highlights that "shorts" can be short, but still contain a whole lot of story. To better convey the concept of simplicity, simple primitive shapes are used as the base for the design of nearly everything in the film.

Unbelievable Four
Sukwon Shin, United States
Music Visualization - In this satirical take on a music video, a desperate search for salvation takes place as hundreds of evil spaceships are approaching earth. Finally the "Unbelievable 4" get the call. A superhero team (composed of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld) receives the urgent message that the earth is under attack and they have five minutes to launch a rocket for a preemptive strike. Over the course of the story, the caricaturized leaders' over-heroic personalities slowly merge with the personalities of rock stars.

Fernet 1,882 "Mini Cab Company"
Pickle Visual Effects & Animation, Argentina
Visual Effects Driven Commercial - The space-aged TV commercial stars the owners and staff of a real mini-cab company, Renta Car, located in Cordoba, Argentina - the city that leads the country in alcohol consumption. The ultimate goal of the ad: attract 1,882 more customers. Agency Madre tapped the employees and owner of a real mini cab company to star in this visual effects spot, all in the name of helping them get 1,882 customers. The Renta Car staff also display some fine acting chops, giving the spot a touch of heart.

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Technical Papers

Harmonic Fluids. Photo courtesy Changxi Zheng and ACM SIGGRAPH 2009
The SIGGRAPH Technical Papers program is the premier international forum for disseminating new scholarly work in computer graphics and interactive techniques. A total of 439 submissions were reviewed by a distinguished panel of 54 jurors and 78 papers were selected for presentation at SIGGRAPH 2009.

"These research papers provide a preview of the latest advances in computer graphics, and they highlight how important computer graphics are to art, science, medicine, and other fields," stated Tom Funkhouser, SIGGRAPH 2009 Technical Papers Chair from Princeton University. "SIGGRAPH papers have historically provided the most groundbreaking innovations in computer graphics. This content represents some of the greatest achievements in this field from across the globe and could very well lead to advancements that impact all of our lives."

Papers cover core topics of computer graphics, such as modeling, animation, rendering, imaging, and human-computer interaction, and also explore related fields of audio, robotics, visualization, and perception. Presenters are from all around the globe – from the Czech Republic to Japan.

Select highlights from the SIGGRAPH 2009 Papers Program:

Interactive Simulation of Surgical Needle Insertion and Steering
James F. O'Brien, Nuttapong Chentanez, University of California, Berkeley; Ron Alterovitz, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill; Daniel Ritchie, Lita Cho, Kris Hauser, Ken Goldberg, Jonathan Shewchuk, University of California, Berkeley
This paper presents algorithms for simulating and visualizing the insertion and steering of needles through deformable tissues for surgical training and planning. Novel features include a fast mesh maintenance algorithm and physics-based methods for needle-tissue coupling.

Bokode: Imperceptible Visual Tags for Camera-Based Interaction From a Distance
Ankit Mohan, Grace Woo, MIT; Shinsaku Hiura, Osaka University; Quinn Smithwick, Ramesh Raskar, Media Lab MIT
Detailed analysis of how to enable a commodity camera to photograph and capture a 3mm barcode from two meters away. The key is to exploit camera bokeh, which maps binary data encoded in directionally varying rays into a large disk. The next step is to decode ID as well as camera pose for augmented reality applications.

Dark Flash Photography
Dilip Krishnan, Rob Fergus, New York University
Camera flashes produce intrusive bursts of light that disturb or dazzle. In this paper, a "dark" camera flash is presented that uses infra-red and ultra-violet light just outside the visible range to capture pictures in low-light conditions while being two orders of magnitude dimmer than a conventional flash.

Real-Time Hand-Tracking with a Color Glove
Robert Y. Wang, MIT
Jovan Popović, Adobe Systems Incorporated, University of Washington, and MIT
This research describes a system that can reconstruct the pose of the hand from a single image wearing a multi-colored glove and demonstrates a system as a user-input device for desktop virtual reality applications.

Harmonic Fluids
Changxi Zheng, Doug James, Cornell University
This presentation proposes an algorithm for synthesizing familiar bubble-based fluid sounds such as splashing, pouring, and babbling. The researchers acoustically augment existing incompressible fluid solvers with particle-based models for acoustic bubble creation, vibration, advection, and radiation. Acoustic transfer functions are estimated using the fast dual-domain boundary integral Helmholtz solver.

Directable, High-Resolution Simulation of Fire on the GPU
Christopher Jon Horvath, Industrial Light & Magic
This presentation proposes a hybrid particle and grid simulation system which utilizes graphics hardware (GPU) to quickly simulate artist-directable, high-resolution fire. Simulation resolutions as high as 2048 are able to be computed in a few hours by parallelizing work among multiple GPUs.

Discover all SIGGRAPH 2009 Technical Papers.

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SIGGRAPH 2009 Emerging Technologies

Explore Innovative Technologies

Sound Scope Headphones. Photo courtesy Masatoshi Hamanaka and ACM SIGGRAPH 2009.
Emerging Technologies at SIGGRAPH 2009 present innovative technologies and applications in many fields including alternative displays, robotics, input interfaces, gaming, audio, haptics/VR, and experimental sensory experiences.

Presented in a combination of curated demonstrations and juried interactive installations, more than 30 of the more than 100 international juried submissions were selected and will be on display and available for interaction with attendees in New Orleans this summer.

"These installations showcase how technology and computer graphics might soon be enhancing the average person's everyday work and life," stated Manabu Sakurai, SIGGRAPH 2009 Emerging Technologies Chair. "From helping those with physical challenges to improving the entertainment experience, Emerging Technologies offer a unique look into the future at how complex technologies can have a major impact."

Highlights from this year's Emerging Technologies include:

Sound Scope Headphones
Masatoshi Hamanaka, SeungHee Lee - University of Tsukuba
The Sound Scope Headphones let users control an audio mixer through natural movements, and thus enable a musical novice to separately listen to each musical instrument independently during a group concert.

Potential Future Use: The Sound Scope Headphones will allow a novice user to control different levels of musical pieces in a way that until now has only been available using state of the art commercial equipment. For example, when listening to jazz, one might want to clearly hear the guitar while also eliminating or reducing the sound of the sax.

HeadSPIN: A One-to-Many 3D Video Teleconferencing System
Andrew Jones, Magnus Lang, Graham Fyffe, Xueming Yu, Jay Busch - University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies; Ian McDowall - Fakespace Labs;
Mark Bolas - University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies & School of Cinematic Arts; Paul Debevec - University of Southern California, Institute for Creative Technologies
This installation presents a 3D teleconferencing system that enables true eye contact between a three-dimensionally transmitted subject and multiple participants in an audience. The system is able to reproduce the effects of gaze, attention, and eye contact not available in traditional teleconferencing systems.

Potential Future Use: This device will take teleconferencing to a much more personal level allowing participants to make eye contact as if they were interacting face-to-face.

Yuichiro Kojima, Yuki Hashimoto, Shogo Fukushima, Hiroyuki Kajimoto - The University of Electro-Communications While many tactile navigation systems have used hands or arms, we developed a novel, intuitive, instinctive, and energy-efficient walk navigation interface that "pulls the ears‚" and confirmed that users were inevitably tempted to move in the pulled direction without experiencing pain or force. The device simply is worn on the ears and leads or lightly pulls the user in a desired direction.

Potential Future Use: As the world becomes more and more computer-based, there is a growing need for assistive technologies to help those individuals with sight and hearing disabilities engage in an electronic world. The Pull-Navi navigation system can be used as a directional device to assist those with sight and hearing impairments or to enhance a virtual gaming experience.

Learn about all SIGGRAPH 2009 Emerging Technologies.

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32-Hour Animation Contest Returns to SIGGRAPH 2009

FJORG!, the International Animation Contest, will return at SIGGRAPH 2009. After its resounding success in 2007 and 2008, this event will feature a maximum of 10 competing teams from around the world who will have 32 hours to create an impressive character-driven animation of at least 15 seconds in length adhering to at least one of two themes.

In 2008, Team Grojf, comprised of Jacob Patrick, John Nguyen, and Kevin Rucker, was chosen as the FJORG! winner for their animated reel, "The Red Truck." To view their winning animation, click here.

Find out more about FJORG!

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SIGGRAPH 2009 Highlights Gaming

Real-Time Video Games Content

SIGGRAPH 2009 has an expanded focus on gaming, including papers, panels, talks, and more! In conjunction with this, the SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival will dedicate a segment of the Festival specifically to real-time rendering projects. The top selections will be played and demonstrated live on their respective platform (X-Box 360, PS3, PC, etc.) as part of the Festival. The Festival will program a full day of presentations and panels that will explore the most current and exciting work being created with real-time engines.

"The addition of live, real-time rendering work is going to make this one of the most dynamic and innovative Festivals in SIGGRAPH history," stated Ronen Barzel, SIGGRAPH 2009 Conference Chair. "So much amazing work is now being done in real time not only in gaming, but also in science, art, and industrial applications. Real-time graphics is becoming a key part of our field and society as a whole, and it's very exciting to see the best work recognized at SIGGRAPH."

Selected contributors will be invited to show their projects as it renders live for the Computer Animation Festival Evening Theater audience, as well as showcase their work in The Sandbox, an area at SIGGRAPH 2009 dedicated specifically for attendees to get a hands-on gaming experience.

Learn more about gaming at SIGGRAPH 2009.

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Visual Music at the Computer Animation Festival

Music and Images Interact

Since the birth of animation, artists and filmmakers have looked to music for creative guidance. The 2009 Computer Animation Festival presents a program of Visual Music, a genre in which music and images interact in unique and imaginative ways. The works in the program represent a wide range of approaches, from animations in which the images and music are directly tied by the sharing of parameters, to those in which the images "interpret" the music (or vice versa), to works where the visuals are edited in tight synchrony with cues in the music.

The program includes a mix of invited works and works selected from juried submissions.

Discover Visual Music.

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Preview the Computer Animation Festival

Get a Sneak Peek

The Computer Animation Festival offers a wide spectrum of genres: narrative animation, medical visualizations, video game and simulations demonstrated in real-time, music videos, promotional spots, and many others can be seen in one location over the course of five days. If you can only attend one animation festival this year, SIGGRAPH 2009 is the must-see event.

View the SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival video for a sneak peek into the Festival highlights. This video includes clips from the films that have been selected to be shown during SIGGRAPH 2009.

Find out what you can expect to see

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SIGGRAPH 2009 + 1

New Orleans Outreach

SIGGRAPH 2009 has created outreach programs for attendees to give back to the New Orleans community. While the New Orleans downtown area is well prepared to host SIGGRAPH 2009, the surrounding communities are still in need of support four years after hurricane Katrina.

  • Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp: A camp that trains 100 young people, ages 10-20, in music and dance on a very limited budget. It also offers three week-long training programs in the music business, recording engineering, and music notation technology for advanced students.

    To support the camp, SIGGRAPH 2009 is partnering with Basin Street Records to offer an album of music by some of the city's finest musicians. Proceeds from the $9.99 album download will support the camp and its musical kids. Hear the music and download the album!
  • Algiers Technical Academy: A charter high school that is part of the Algiers Charter Schools Association, features several courses to train students in computer graphics.

    SIGGRAPH is building a computer graphics lab for the students with computers donated from Walt Disney Animation Studios and software donated from Autodesk. Volunteers are needed to assist with hardware setup, networking, software installation, general janitorial cleanup of the lab, as well as preparation and painting of the lab. Volunteers can register online at
  • NOCCA - New Orleans Center for Creative Arts: A school in the state of Louisiana providing pre-professional arts training to middle and high school students in culinary arts, dance, media arts, music (classical, jazz, vocal), theater arts (drama, musical theater, theater design), visual arts, and creative writing.

    SIGGRAPH is bringing 50 students from NOCCA and 50 students from Algiers Technical Academy for a mentor/mentee day with attendees. You will be able to sign up from our outreach page to participate in this program.
  • Tipitina's Foundation: A non-profit organization that features "Instruments a Comin," a program that provides new musical instruments to New Orleans area schools.

    SIGGRAPH is in the process of setting up a mobile text message-based fundraising campaign that people can participate in during SIGGRAPH. More news on this soon.

Learn more about SIGGRAPH 2009 +1 New Orleans Outreach.

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SIGGRAPH Exhibition

Make One Trip and Connect with Thousands of Buyers


SIGGRAPH attracts an exclusive group of buyers from across the entire globe and from all aspects of the industry. If your company is looking to gain a competitive advantage over your competition who has decided to cut back during these more challenging economic times, then SIGGRAPH 2009 should be top on your list of destinations this year.

Influence many purchasing decisions as you leverage SIGGRAPH 2009, a forum for showcasing the future of computer graphics and interactive techniques technology. Meet with customers and build upon old, while fostering new, partnerships to help your company drive sales all within one convenient location instead of spread out over multiple events.

SIGGRAPH 2009 is dedicated to providing our exhibitors with the highest possible return on investment in the midst of today's economic uncertainty and we have sponsorships available to add additional value to the success of your exhibit presence at SIGGRAPH 2009. All of this adds up to an ideal selling opportunity you can't afford to miss!

For more information on both exhibiting and sponsoring at SIGGRAPH 2009, please contact Exhibition Management.

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SIGGRAPH 2009 Job Fair

Tuesday, 4 August; Wednesday, 5 August; and Thursday, 6 August

Employers - The Job Fair is an inexpensive and economical way to meet with thousands of highly qualified, creative professionals in just three short days. Job Fair booths are fully equipped with a table, chairs, electrical, carpet, internet, and signage, plus companies have access to interview rooms with electrical, internet, and a TV/DVD unit.

The Job Fair booth package also includes marketing support across the thirty-site job board network with job postings, banner advertising, HeadsUp eNewsletters, and much more to promote the companies that participate.

Review complete package details and reserve your Job Fair booth.

Jobseekers - Create a SIGGRAPH 2009 Profile to maximize your visibility with companies recruiting at the Job Fair and increase your chances of landing that “right" job. It’s quick, easy, and free. When you complete your profile, companies will be able to review your professional experience, software knowledge, and samples of your work, including hosted art files and demo reels.

If you already have a profile, login to your account. Be sure to check the box indicating you will be attending SIGGRAPH 2009 so employers recruiting at the conference can easily identify and contact you prior to, during, and after the Job Fair.

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Register for SIGGRAPH 2009

Exceptional ROI

If you need company budget approval to attend SIGGRAPH 2009, you should begin the approval process and plan to register by 26 June to save up to $275.

Since the value of attending SIGGRAPH 2009 goes well above the cost to attend, it is easy to justify attending to your supervisor. Use the following value-based talking points to help you explain the importance of attending:

  • Value: SIGGRAPH is the only place you can find best-practice-based education with an approximate cost of less than $37 per session*, significantly leveraging your organization's training dollars.
  • Industry Visionaries: SIGGRAPH gives you access to first-hand accounts from industry icons, who were once in your shoes, about how and where their visions and inspiration were born.
  • Hands-On Know How: Acquiring the most current information in an interactive environment is the only way to protect and leverage the significant investment your company has made in graphics technology.
  • One-Stop Shopping: With budget time right around the corner, you need to start researching options and opportunities. What better way to start than with hundreds of exhibitors from five continents all in one place?
  • Personally Relevant Education: One SIGGRAPH week offers hundreds of education-based sessions to choose from, allowing you to tailor a personal education program that ensures you are learning something new and specifically relevant to your organization's needs.
  • Saves Time: Because, while a week out of the office seems difficult, having to take up to a year to amass the directly relevant information and education you could gain in one week would be downright daunting.
  • Register Early and Afford More!: If you register early, you can save towards a discount airline ticket, reducing your organization's out-of-pocket costs.
  • Inspiration: After your SIGGRAPH 2009 experience, you'll return to work rejuvenated, ready to apply your new knowledge and newly inspired creativity.

Maximize your ROI, register today.

*Based on an average attendee's participation in 22 sessions of various types over five days at the SIGGRAPH 2009 Member Discounted Registration rate.

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Unemployed Discount Registration

Because of the current economic situation, many people in our community find themselves currently unemployed, and so would have difficulty affording to attend SIGGRAPH 2009. We believe that in these times it is especially important that members of the SIGGRAPH community continue to come together to make connections, provide mutual inspiration, and continue to look forward and help create the future.

So we will extend our lowest possible registration rates - the same as Student Member rates - to unemployed members of our community who would otherwise be unable to afford attending the conference. Unemployed Discount Registration will open in mid-June. Further details will be available on the conference registration web page.

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SIGGRAPH Housing Enhances Your Experience

Discounted Rates for SIGGRAPH 2009 Attendees

Official SIGGRAPH 2009 hotels are not only a great place to network and mingle with fellow colleagues and conference attendees, but are also conveniently located close to the convention center and provide an array of services to help enhance your SIGGRAPH experience. Plus, you may not realize, but staying in one of the SIGGRAPH 2009 conference hotels also helps keep down facility costs, which can impact registration fees. We realize there are many hotels in New Orleans, but highly encourage you to stay at one of SIGGRAPH 2009’s many, high-quality conference hotels.

Be sure to check out the specially negotiated rates SIGGRAPH 2009 offers to help make your stay in New Orleans more affordable! Many SIGGRAPH 2009 hotels have recently lowered their already discounted rates for SIGGRAPH 2009 and are offering complementary services when you reserve your hotel through the SIGGRAPH 2009 Travel Desk. Rates will automatically be modified for any room reservations booked prior to a hotel's rate reduction.

For complete information on the most up-to-date hotel rates visit the SIGGRAPH 2009 Travel & Housing page. Rates can only be guaranteed until 3 July 2009. Reservations made after 3 July will be based on availability only, and rates may increase.

As an added incentive, attendees who use the SIGGRAPH 2009 Travel Desk to make reservations at hotels served by the SIGGRAPH 2009 shuttle buses will receive a FREE shuttle wristband upon check in. Attendees who do not book through the SIGGRAPH 2009 reservation system and wish to use the shuttle service will need to purchase wristbands at the SIGGRAPH Store.

SIGGRAPH 2009 hotel rates can only be booked through the official travel desk powered by Travel Technology Group. If you are contacted by other companies to make hotel reservations for SIGGRAPH 2009, please be aware that they may not be reputable companies nor are they endorsed by SIGGRAPH 2009.

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ACM Elections

This year ACM SIGGRAPH is electing a treasurer and two directors at large to its executive committee. If you are an ACM SIGGRAPH member, please vote! We are a volunteer organization and every vote is important. You should have received an e-mail and a postcard reminding you to go to the voting Web site You will be asked to log in with your ACM SIGGRAPH member number to access the site. If you can't find your member number, you can access it online.

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SIGGRAPH 2009 in the News

SIGGRAPH 2009 has already received media attention from a range of news sources. Here is just a sample of what and who has created some buzz for SIGGRAPH 2009:

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Network Your Senses


To go along with the SIGGRAPH 2009 Conference theme, Network Your Senses, each issue of SIGGRAPHITTI will focus on one sense, and how that sense will be satisfied at SIGGRAPH 2009.

Your eyes are in for a treat at SIGGRAPH 2009. This is just a sample of the sights you will see:

  • BioLogic Art: The SIGGRAPH 2009 juried art exhibition showcases work by artists who engage technology and the natural world in their creative processes.
  • Generative Fabrication: The SIGGRAPH 2009 design & computation gallery explores non-linear and biological processes in digital fabrication through selected works of art, architecture, and design.
  • Information Aesthetics Showcase: SIGGRAPH 2009 is highlighting works that combine information and data visualization with graphic design and media arts in recognition of the increasingly prominent role that they are assuming in our digitally mediated culture.
  • Posters: Posters offer a light-weight, low-tech method for presenting student, in-progress, and late-breaking work. They are displayed throughout the conference for attendees to browse at their leisure, and poster authors meet and discuss their work with attendees during Poster Sessions.
  • Historic New Orleans: Explore artistic and cultural masterpieces at the city’s world-class museums and galleries. Take a walk through living history in the vibrant French Quarter, Arts or Garden Districts, or take a ride in a streetcar or along the river.

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This issue of SIGGRAPHITTI sponsored by:

3D World, the world's best-selling magazine for 3D artists, just got even better, thanks to a fresh new look and improved content. Each issue will still cover the same mix of VFX, videogames, arch viz, animation and illustration, but we've transformed several sections. Tutorials become a new training section, bringing you exciting new formats, workflow tips and scripting coverage, backed up with more support videos than ever before. We also showcase more of your work in our new Portfolio and Projects sections. And there's a new Post Production section covering recently completed projects and 3D landmarks. But don’t just take our word for it – sign up for our exclusive offers and try it out for yourself!

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