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"SIGGRAPH is where I see the things that inspire me to do my best work, and once I've done it, a place to share it with the whole community. It's the year's most amazing convergence of academia, visual effects, games, arts, software, and hardware in one location."

Paul Debevec
Director, Graphics Lab
USC Institute for Creative Technologies

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Advance Program Now Available

Plan Your SIGGRAPH Experience in Advance

With so much robust visual and technical content under one roof, it can be hard to decide where you want to start! Get a preview of all of the great programs offered at SIGGRAPH 2009 and plan ahead before your arrival in New Orleans.

Download the SIGGRAPH 2009 Advance Program.


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Computer Animation Festival

© 2009 SIGGRAPH Computer Animation Festival. All Rights Reserved.
© Meats Meier. All Rights Reserved.

Experience the most innovative and stimulating work in computer-generated content from narrative animation to scientific visualizations, videogames to real-time simulations, music videos and commercials to visual effects. The Computer Animation Festival features panels, talks, and presentations exploring the latest in production processes, the nuances of visual music, real-time discussions and demonstrations, tools for urban planning and rebuilding after Katrina, special 3D stereoscopic sessions and screenings, and documentaries about computer graphics visionaries and their tools of the trade.



The Computer Animation Festival features the Evening Theater. This is your opportunity to view the highest ranked juried and invited films selected for SIGGRAPH 2009. The Evening Theater will be presented Monday - Thursday during SIGGRAPH 2009 and each evening the presentation will be the same.

The Computer Animation Festival will also feature an Afternoon Theater at different times throughout the conference week. Different material will be presented at each Afternoon Theater timeslot.

Special Screenings are an added highlight for the SIGGRAPH 2009 Computer Animation Festival. These screenings will be shown on Thursday and Friday during the conference. As a special treat, attendees will get a sneak-peak 3D screening of the new film Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs.

Uncover the Computer Animation Festival.

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BioLogic Art Gallery: A Natural History of Digital Life

Juried Art Exhibition

Electric Eigen-Portraits (composite), by Arthur Elsenaar

The SIGGRAPH 2009 BioLogic Art juried exhibition will showcase works by artists who use technology as an inspiration to show how organic processes adapt, interact, and even mimic the living world around them.

"The artworks chosen for this intriguing exhibition explore what can happen when biological forms and life processes encounter digital code and devices," stated Elona Van Gent, SIGGRAPH 2009 Juried Art Chair from the University of Michigan. "Tags associated with the exhibition include extinction, landscape, fragile systems, growth, and augmentation. The complex technologies and intriguing topics encountered in the exhibition offer viewers a compelling survey of ideas and issues that characterize contemporary life; a tangle of digital devices, natural processes, and us."

Highlights include:

Hylozoic Soil
Philip Beesley, University of Waterloo

Hylozoic Soil is a visually arresting and complex installation. Quivering to life as viewers enter into its midst, this beguiling piece is a network of micro-controllers, proximity sensors, and shape-memory alloy actuators. Building upon simple motions embedded within individual elements, turbulent wave-like reactions are produced. Using its tendrils, fronds and bladders to lure visitors into its seemingly fragile web of laser-cut acrylic matrices, this work blurs the distinctions between organism and environment. Operating at the intersections of architecture, design, electronics, engineering, informatics, and art, this installation is a visceral experience exploring the nuanced relationship between the biological and the artificial.

Post Global Warming Survival Kit
Petko Dourmana, Artist

Post Global Warming Survival Kit is a low-light, infrared installation set in a post-apocalyptic world where a nuclear winter condition has been created as a radical solution to the problems of global warming and climate catastrophe. Viewers are initially confronted with a space seemingly empty except for a lone dwelling. Only after using the night vision devices are viewers able to perceive the desolate coastal landscape displayed as an infrared video projection. In this world the sun's life-giving rays are unable to reach the surface of the Earth, resulting in permanent twilight. Without the aid of technological augmentation, we would be blind. Survival aids and communications technology have been provided. The suggestion is that this coastal outpost is one of many.

Electric Eigen-Portraits
Arthur Elsenaar, Nottingham Trent University
Remko Scha, Collaborator

Electric Eigen-Portraits shows the human face in a state of externally triggered resonance. Eight facial muscles are subjected to a simple on/off stimulation pattern with a repetition period that varies gradually between 2 seconds and 100 milliseconds. This work turns a computer-controlled human face into a medium for kinetic art, shown in a video projection. As the human face is controlled by a digital computer instead of a neural brain, it can be made to perform in ways that are often unusual and surprising.

Growth Rendering Device
David Bowen, University of Minnesota

This is a kinetic installation that captures the growth of a pea plant over a 24-hour period. Suspended in a nutrient-rich hydroponic solution, the pea plant growth is recorded during the length of the exhibition. After each new drawing is produced, the system scrolls the roll of paper approximately four inches to make way for the next drawing cycle to begin. As the name suggests, the focus is on growth-a complete feedback system between machine and plant-however, what the machine may also record is the decay and demise of the plant. Drawing marked parallels to Gregor Mendel's work on inheritance in peas, Growth Rendering Device seems to ask whether both the machinic and the artistic parents will leave their mark on their offspring.

Discover BioLogic Art.

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Generative Fabrication Art Gallery

Invited Art Exhibition

Monumental Nets. Photo courtesy of Janet Echelman, Buro Happold Consulting Engineers PC, and ACM SIGGRAPH 2009.

Design and Computation is brought to the forefront in the SIGGRAPH 2009 Curated Art Gallery - Generative Fabrication - an exploration of non-linear and natural processes in design and digital fabrication.

"Generative Fabrication shows extraordinary work inspired by the physical and biological world, which takes advantage of new production techniques enabled by computation," said Makai Smith, SIGGRAPH 2009 Curated Art Chair from Bentley Systems. "The innovative structures, sculpture installations, and complex forms in the gallery show how the computer has unlocked a new field of inquiry in art, architecture, and design."

The curated installations will present design ideas from two main themes:

  • Generative design - algorithm and process, explorations of phase space and path dependent emergent phenomena, form-finding (versus form-making), and iterative design through simulation, analysis, and optimization.
  • Digital fabrication - the interplay between digital representation and the crafting of physical objects; formation of structures by aggregation, weaving, and layered manufacturing; and exploitation of organic and composite material properties.

Highlights of SIGGRAPH 2009 Curated Generative Fabrication Gallery Include:

Monumental Nets
Janet Echelman, Brookline, Massachusetts, USA
Ian Keough, Buro Happold Consulting Engineers PC, New York, New York, USA

Janet Echelman and Buro Happold Consulting Engineers PC have developed a sculptural technique which synthesizes traditional fabrication methods with digital form-finding and rationalization processes to create monumental, massive public sculptures.

Schiara Lantern
Greg Lynn/FORM, Venice, California, USA
Bill Kreysler, Kreysler & Associates, American Canyon, California, USA

An approximately six-foot diameter lantern consisting of a single hollow volume constructed from multiple translucent molded composite parts with numerous apertures at multiple orientations.

Complex Form in Timber
Fabien Scheurer, designproduction, Stuttgart, Germany

The combination of parametric CAD systems and computer-controlled fabrication tools makes timber the perfect material for free-form architecture. The advent of digital fabrication technologies has opened the doors to ever more complex shapes in architecture. Computer controlled mills, drills, and cutters are used to transfer the principles of mass customization to the building industry. Those computer numerical controlled (CNC) tools are able to produce thousands of individual components almost at the cost of mass production, allowing the construction of complex curved shapes within reasonable budgets.

Rules of Six
Chris Lasch, Aranda/Lasch, New York, New York, USA

A large-scale commission by the Museum of Modern Art for the exhibition Design and the Elastic Mind, Rules of Six is an experiment in growth. The design explores issues of self-assembly, where top-down methods for determining form are replaced by bottom-up rules of formation. The structures presented are not carved or composed in a traditional sense; they are grown through simple interactions (hexagonal in nature) that are similar to the ones molecules follow in the lab.

Unearth Generative Fabrication.

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Information Aesthetics Showcase

Combining Information and Data Visualization with Graphic Design and Media Arts

Visual Poetry. Main visual of Poetry on the Road 2006. Photo courtesy Boris Mueller and ACM SIGGRAPH 2009.

In recognition of the increasingly prominent role of information visualization and data graphics in digitally mediated culture, the Information Aesthetics Showcase presents projects from visualization labs, medical-imaging groups, social-research non-profit organizations, design labs, museums, art programs and new media centers.

The Information Aesthetics Showcase includes 2D and 3D prints, interactive and presentational screen-based works, multimodal installation environments, and physical objects that reveal information. In keeping with this year's theme, Network Your Senses, the works shown here engage not only the visual, but also auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile modalities. The relationship to information expressed in these exemplary pieces ranges from straightforward visualization of data to fanciful re-invention and transformation of it. Presenters include computational journalists, visual and material artists, biological researchers and neuro-scientists, graphic designers, scientific visualization developers, historians, cultural theorists, and digital media center collaborators.

Discover Information Aesthetics.

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Special Issue of Leonardo: MIT's Internationally Renowned Journal

Art Papers to be Published

This year, SIGGRAPH will collaborate with MIT Press' Leonardo, The Journal of the International Society of the Arts, Sciences, and Technology, to honor not only artists and artwork, but also the process of making art and its place in society. In conjunction with the conference, the peer-reviewed SIGGRAPH Art Papers will be published in the special issue as will the documentation of the juried work presented in the SIGGRAPH BioLogic Art Gallery: A Natural History of Digital Life.

"SIGGRAPH concerns itself with the innovation and education crossroads of art, science, and technology," stated Jacquelyn Martino, SIGGRAPH 2009 Art Papers Chair from IBM T.J. Watson Research Center. "So, naturally we are thrilled to collaborate with Leonardo in the publication of this year's Art Papers. We hope to further emphasize the process and research behind the creation of art in today's digital world as well as its greater impact on our society and culture."

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Gaming at SIGGRAPH 2009

The Sandbox, Game Papers, Computer Animation Festival and More

Starting in 2009, SIGGRAPH is incorporating content for videogame theorists, creators, producers, and players. In previous years, the ACM SIGGRAPH Sandbox Symposium was a separate event, but it is now integrated into the main SIGGRAPH Conference, living on through The Sandbox, Game Papers, GameJam!, Courses, and more.

The Sandbox at SIGGRAPH 2009 is a hands-on game space. It has stations to play the works shown in the Real-Time Rendering section of the Computer Animation Festival, as well as those in the IndieCade, a juried gallery highlighting innovative, independent game design and development.

Game Papers present original papers from the creative and technical communities that develop videogames, and from academic researchers who study videogames and related technologies. They are presented by their authors in 20-minute sessions with five minutes of Q&A. The papers will be published as Sandbox 2009: ACM SIGGRAPH Video Game Proceedings.

GameJam! offers another highlight to gaming enthusiasts. This 24-hour event was created for designers to show off their talents for the entire gaming community. This competition includes game coding, design, texture, pain and production.

Explore Gaming at SIGGRAPH 2009.

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SIGGRAPH 2009 Exhibition

Every year, research and development in computer graphics and interactive techniques results in breakthrough commercial and industrial products and practices. The SIGGRAPH 2009 Exhibition is your best opportunity to explore this year's new software, hardware, and services offered by vendors from throughout the world.

Get first hand insight from industry experts in such fields as cyber innovation, computer graphics, feature film animation and system networking. Don't miss out on your chance to be the first to explore the future.

The SIGGRAPH Exhibition will be open:

Tuesday, 4 August 9:30 am - 6 pm
Wednesday, 5 August 9:30 am - 6 pm
Thursday, 6 August 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

To complement the SIGGRAPH 2009 Exhibition, Exhibitor Tech Talks give you the opportunity to get the inside story direct from the developers of tomorrow's hot hardware, software, and systems. Join question-and-answer exchanges and one-on-one conversations with the presenters after each presentation.

See which exhibitors are presenting Exhibitor Tech Talks.

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SIGGRAPH 2009 Job Fair

Connect with Potential Colleagues in New Orleans

The SIGGRAPH 2009 Job Fair helps employers and job seekers connect online before the conference, and through onsite interviews Wednesday, 4 August and Thursday, 6 August.

Employers - Reserve your Job Fair Booth today. The Job Fair is an inexpensive and economical way to meet with thousands of highly qualified creative professionals in three short days. Job Fair Booths are fully equipped with a table, chairs, electrical, carpet, Internet and signage, plus companies have access to interview rooms with electrical, Internet and a TV/DVD unit. The Job Fair Booth package also includes a tremendous amount of marketing support across the 30-site job board network with job postings, banner advertising, HeadsUp eNewsletters and much more promoting the companies participating. Review complete package details and reserve your Job Fair Booth.

Jobseekers - Create a SIGGRAPH 2009 profile to maximize your visibility with companies recruiting at the Job Fair and increase your chances of landing that "right" job. It's quick, easy, and free. When you complete your profile, companies will be able to review your professional experience, software knowledge and samples of your work, including hosted art files and demo reels. If you already have a profile, login to your account. Be sure to check the box indicating you will be attending SIGGRAPH 2009 so employers recruiting at the conference can easily identify and contact you prior to, during and after the job fair.

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Discounted Hotel Options

Reserve Your Hotel by 3 July to Guarantee the Lowest Rate*

Official SIGGRAPH 2009 hotels are not only a great place to network and mingle with fellow colleagues and conference attendees, but are also conveniently located close to the convention center and provide an array of services to help enhance your SIGGRAPH experience. Plus, staying in an official SIGGRAPH 2009 hotel helps the conference control the overall cost, which can affect future registration fees. We realize there are many hotels in New Orleans, but highly encourage you to stay at one of SIGGRAPH 2009's many, high quality conference hotels.

Be sure to check out the specially negotiated rates SIGGRAPH 2009 offers to help make your stay in New Orleans more affordable! If you book your hotel reservations by 3 July, you can guarantee that you will receive the SIGGRAPH 2009 negotiated rates! Many SIGGRAPH 2009 hotels have recently lowered their already discounted rates for SIGGRAPH 2009 and are offering complementary services when you reserve your hotel through the SIGGRAPH 2009 Travel Desk. Rates will automatically be modified for any room reservations booked in the SIGGRAPH 2009 housing blocks, prior to a hotel's rate reduction.

For complete information on the most up-to-date hotel rates visit the SIGGRAPH 2009 Travel & Housing page. Reservations made after 3 July will be based on availability only, and rates may increase.

As an added benefit, attendees who use the SIGGRAPH 2009 Travel Desk to make reservations at hotels served by the SIGGRAPH 2009 shuttle buses will receive a FREE shuttle wristband upon check in. Attendees who do not book through the SIGGRAPH 2009 reservation system and wish to use the shuttle service will need to purchase wristbands at the SIGGRAPH Store.

*SIGGRAPH 2009 hotel rates can only be booked through the official travel desk powered by Travel Technology Group. If you are contacted by other companies to make hotel reservations for SIGGRAPH 2009, please be aware that they may not be reputable companies nor are they endorsed by SIGGRAPH 2009.

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New Orleans Outreach

Give Back to the SIGGRAPH 2009 Host City While You Enjoy the Sounds of the City

SIGGRAPH 2009 has created outreach programs to benefit the New Orleans community. One of them is the Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp. SIGGRAPH invites you to help the jazz camp celebrate its 15th anniversary when you listen to the Basin Street Records' SIGGRAPH 2009 New Orleans Music Sampler. If you like what you hear, download the entire album for $9.99. Proceeds of album sales support the Louis Armstrong Summer Jazz Camp.

Every summer, on a very limited budget, the camp trains 100 young people, ages 10-21, in music and dance. It also offers three week-long training programs in the music business, recording engineering, and music notation technology for advanced students. Camp faculty include leading New Orleans jazz educators and performers, and a highly accomplished national jazz musician as artist-in-residence.

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Collaboration to Solve a Challenging Problem

In this multi-disciplinary competition, teams are created and then assigned a problem at the beginning of SIGGRAPH 2009, and four days later they present their solutions to a panel of celebrity judges. Solutions are evaluated on their creativity, practicality, and "cool factor."

SpeedLab is for people of all levels of experience in all the disciplines that make up SIGGRAPH, who have an open and creative mind and a positive, friendly attitude. Each team can work on their problem as much as they wish, in any way they want over the course of the week. SpeedLab is all about design and brainstorming. Instead of programming, teams are encouraged to spend their time exploring as many ideas as possible.

It's easy to join a SpeedLab team: students and professionals are invited to the SpeedLab opening session, Sunday, 2 August from 4-5 p.m. in Room 267-268 to enter the competition. Teams will be formed based on participants' skills and expertise. You may request specific team preferences.

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Social Game

Play the Collectible Business Card Game!

The SIGGRAPH 2009 Social Game is designed to help you build your network, have fun, and learn a little about the industry along the way.

The Collectible Business Card Game is an "open-source" collectible card game played with real business cards. "Collect" old friends and make new ones, then debate how talented how they are. It's all about discussion and negotiation.

How does it work? First, collect business cards from SIGGRAPH 2009 attendees. Any real-life business card is legal - except your own! Second, sit down with one or more friends and play our simple negotiation-based card game. Use your cards to found a startup company and then develop a product. The first player to develop three "cool features" wins!

Any "rule" printed on a business card must be honored. So, consider "powering up" your business card by adding your own special ability for the game. Maybe you can even get your company involved!

Any "rule" printed on a business card must be honored. So, consider "powering up" your business card by printing up your own special ability for the game this August. Maybe you can even get your company involved!

Complete Rules and Details.

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Are You Ready to Play?

Ready for a high-tech cell phone adventure all through SIGGRAPH 2009 and New Orleans? It's the newest, coolest, mobile phone game around and any mobile device can play! Intrigued? Text SIGGRAPH to 728647. More details to follow...

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Influence a SIGGRAPH Conference

Call for Future Conference Chairs
SIGGRAPH is seeking applications for the SIGGRAPH 2013 Conference Chair position; subsequent year applications are also being considered.

This person leads and inspires a highly energized, multi-talented, and deeply committed team of volunteers and professional service contractors to create, plan, and produce every aspect of the conference and exhibition.

The Conference Chair will work closely with the SIGGRAPH Chief Staff Executive, the Conference Advisory Group, the professional service contractors, and the volunteer program chairs over approximately a four-year period. In addition to overseeing the conference, the Conference Chair serves in an advisory capacity to the SIGGRAPH organization.

Apply to be a conference chair.

SIGGRAPH Wants You for 2010 and Beyond!
If you are interested in learning more about becoming a SIGGRAPH volunteer, we want to hear from you! Become even more a part of the SIGGRAPH community by getting involved in a future conference - it is a fun and rewarding experience that can enhance your personal network and professional career. To take that first step, please stop by the SIGGRAPH 2010 booth during the conference to discover how you can contribute your expertise and energy. All attendees are welcome. Questions, suggestions, and comments are encouraged.

Learn more about applying for other SIGGRAPH conference positions.

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SIGGRAPH 2009 in the News

SIGGRAPH 2009 has already received media attention from a range of news sources. Here is just a sample of what and who has created some buzz for SIGGRAPH 2009:

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Network Your Senses


To go along with the SIGGRAPH 2009 Conference theme, Network Your Senses, each issue of SIGGRAPHITTI will focus on one sense, and how that sense will be satisfied at SIGGRAPH 2009.

Your hands are in for a treat at SIGGRAPH 2009. This is just a sample of how the content will touch you:

  • The Studio: The latest technologies will be available for you to imagine, create, experiment, and produce. From 2D and 3D graphics to audio and tactile interfaces, communal networks, and real-time experiences, you can use tomorrow's hardware and software in hands-on sessions.
  • Emerging Technologies: Experience innovative technologies and applications in many fields, including displays, robotics, input devices, and interaction techniques. The demos are available for attendees to try out and discuss with the creators.
  • The Sandbox: Amuse yourself in this space that serves as the home base for hands-on experience with videogames.
  • Exhibition: Interact with multiple hands-on exhibits that span the computer graphics and interactive techniques industry.
  • New Orleans+1: Participate in the SIGGRAPH 2009 outreach program and "touch" the lives of those in the New Orleans community.
  • Social Game: Shake hands with old friends and new as you network with other SIGGRAPH attendees.
  • Take home SIGGRAPH 2009 "touchables": Before you leave SIGGRAPH 2009, stop by the SIGGRAPH store to purchase keepsakes from the conference.

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This issue of SIGGRAPHITTI sponsored by:

CG Society - Ballistic Publishing produces the finest digital art books in the known universe. Each year EXPOSÉ assembles the top artists from around the world, and showcases their best work. EXPOSÉ 7 celebrates the high-point of the series honoring Star Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie with the Grand Master Award.

Ballistic Publishing also leads the way in educational titles. The d'artiste and ESSENCE series feature top artists from the movie, game development, and art education fields, and presents their methods, processes and techniques in detailed tutorials. All our titles will be available in the SIGGRAPH Book Store or online at

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