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Informal Forums & Posters
Frequently Asked Questions

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Informal Forum Presentations

Poster Presentations

What's New?

1. What's changed for SIGGRAPH 2008?
There are several changes this year. SIGGRAPH is evolving and introducing new programs to offer presenters more flexibility in sharing their work. The conference is also providing a later deadline for work that emerges after the General Submission deadline. Please see this page for a complete explanation of the changes.

2. May I send a submission to be considered only as a poster, or only as an informal forum?
Yes, there is an option on the online submission form to specify that choice.


3. Is a poster or an informal forum a publication?
No. A poster or an informal forum is an oral presentation, not a publication. Presenting work in these formats does not preclude formal publication of the work elsewhere, and the SIGGRAPH Technical Papers Program does not consider posters or informal forums as prior publications.

4. Will my poster or informal forum preclude publication of my idea in future conferences and journals?
No. The SIGGRAPH Technical Papers program will not consider posters and informal forums as prior publications. The policies of other conferences and journals may vary, but citing prior oral presentations on related topics is generally optional, not required.

5. What is a good way for me to encourage other researchers to cite the work that I describe in a poster or informal forum?
Write a complete technical description of the work in the form of a research paper, and create a "technical report" or "white paper" that is publicly available, for example via the web.

6. Should submissions be prepared anonymously, like Technical Papers?
No. The review process is single blind, which means the reviewers will know who the authors are, but the authors will not know who the reviewers are. Your submissionmust be one page long, in final format, including the names of all collaborators on the work and their institutions.

7. Can I submit work that I did for my thesis?
Yes, provided that work has not already been extracted from the thesis and formally published.


8. Why do you only accept electronic submissions?
The jury has a small amount of time to review a large number of submissions. Electronic submission allows the jury to start the review process almost immediately. It also saves the time and costs involved in shipping submissions to the jury members.

9. Can I submit earlier papers or technical reports as supporting materials?
No, the jury already has its hands full and will not have time to read them. The acceptance decision will be made based on your one-page submission. However, you can provide URLs to those works in your submission or supporting documentation, so if a specific question arises, jurors can download the works themselves. And remember: the supporting documentation if any, should be limited to three pages maximum and should contain mostly captioned figures (images, graphs, charts, tables, etc.).

10. Do I have to submit a supporting video of my stuff?
You're not required to, but it is often a good idea. The power of a video during the jury process cannot be stressed enough. The jury has a small amount of time to review a large number of submissions. Seeing the video can answer many questions that the jury might ask after just reading the abstract. It is a shame if the phrase "I wish they had provided a video" is uttered during the jury meeting. In particular, the jury is unlikely to accept work about animation if they haven't seen the animation. Uploaded videos should be in QuickTime MPEG-4 or DivX Version 5 formats, and the file size should not exceed 100 MB.

Informal Forum Presentations

11. What are the Informal Forum titles for SIGGRAPH 2008?
We don't know yet. The Review Team selects submissions without regard to sessions and titles. Only after the selection process is finished do we group the forums into sessions related by topic. This means that unlike other conferences in which the session topics are set in advance, the Review Team never needs to accept or reject submissions in order to fill slots. On the other hand, this also means that occasionally there are sessions that lack a strongly coherent theme. You need not be concerned about sessions during the submission process.

12. How long will my presentation be?
This year, we will have presentations of 15 minutes followed in every case by about five minutes of Q&A. When your submission is accepted for presentation as an informal forum, and the schedule is finalized, you will be notified as to the scheduling and timing of your session.

13. What is the speaker room setup for Informal Forum sessions?
For more information, please see Session Room Equipment.

14. Can I arrange a Speaker Preparation session for my Informal Forum presentation?
Yes. SIGGRAPH 2008 Speaker Preparation welcomes Informal Forums contributors to this year's conference in Los Angeles. We will have a special practice room set up for Informal Forums contributors. It will be open from 8 am to 5:30 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will be configured with the same equipment setup that you'll find in the Informal Forum rooms.

15. How can I arrange a Speaker Preparation Rehearsal session for SIGGRAPH 2008 Informal Forums?
Informal Forum presenters will receive detailed instructions on how to request a time slot in the Informal Forum practice rooms.

16. Where are accepted Informal Forum submissions documented?
Informal Forums are documented on the SIGGRAPH 2008 web site and in the Program and Buyer's Guide.

Poster Presentations

17. What is a poster, anyway?
A poster is traditionally formed from a collection of individual letter-size sheets of paper, each containing a slide or image, all attached to a piece of posterboard. With modern typesetting applications, it is often possible to create a single large-format document and print it in "tiles" on letter-size sheets that can be mounted side by side on posterboard to form the document. If you have access to a large-format printer, you may decide to print the document directly on a large sheet of paper (which should still be mounted on posterboard for strength). All these options are fine.

18. What are the maximum dimensions of poster prints?
The poster-board surfaces where the poster prints will be mounted have the following dimensions: 4 feet high x 8 feet wide. This means that large-format poster prints can be up to this size.

19. If a poster has multiple authors, do we all need to stand by the poster during our session?
During the session, the poster must be staffed at all times by at least one person. You do not all need to stand by the poster throughout the session. In fact, you may wish to "tag team," taking turns at your own poster and seeing the other posters in the session.

20. Will you print and hang my submission or should I create the poster myself?
You must produce the poster yourself. Upon your arrival at SIGGRAPH 2008, you will mount your Poster submission to the designated poster-board surface. SIGGRAPH 2008 will supply materials to mount the poster print on the poster-board surface.

21. Where in the convention center will I hang my poster?
You will receive detailed information regarding the exact location of your poster at the convention center.

22. My poster submission has been accepted, and I would like to give a demo of my work. Is this possible?
Poster submitters are encouraged to demo their work during the Poster presentation sessions using their own laptop equipment, in front of their Poster.

23. Will I have a table to put my laptop or other gear on?
Yes, during your session you will have a table to stand at and put things on.

24. Will I have an internet connection for my laptop?
Wireless internet access will be available throughout the convention center.

25. Will AC power be available for my laptop or other devices?
We will try our best to provide everyone with electricity, but at this point we can't promise AC power outlets. Charge your batteries before the session.

26. Can I leave my laptop or other equipment there before or after the session?
No! The poster sessions are in unsecured open areas. Take your laptop and all your gear with you.

27. I would like to travel light. Is it possible to mail the poster package to the SIGGRAPH 2008 convention center?
No. SIGGRAPH does not accept Poster packages that are shipped on behalf of the Poster presenters. Instead we recommend mailing the poster to the hotel where you will be staying during the conference and make arrangements individually. In case you are not staying in a hotel that can handle this, it might be better to make arrangements with a colleague who is staying in such a hotel.

28. Can I arrange a Speaker Preparation session for my Poster Presentation?
No. Due to the format of Poster presentations, poster authors should not request Speaker Preparation assistance.

29. Where do accepted poster submissions get recorded?
Posters are documented in the SIGGRAPH 2008 Full Conference DVD, on the SIGGRAPH 2008 web site, and in the Program and Buyer's Guide.