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Online Submission Available: 17 March 2008

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7 May 2008


Attention 3D and 2D CG animators: The best CG animators in the world are invited to participate in the second international FJORG! competition at SIGGRAPH 2008.

Competing teams will be called on to try to create the best character-driven animation the world has ever seen, within a limited window of 32 straight hours, while overcoming multiple staged distractions in a test of skill, talent, and creativity. Fabulous prizes will be announced at the event.

The Event
Judges will select 16 teams from a pool of team demo reels submitted from around the world. Teams must have three members and submit their team reels in accordance with the submission guidelines. The 16 qualifying teams will be selected based on criteria set forth in the official rules.

For SIGGRAPH 2008, we are introducing a new category: pot luck. If you are a solo animator without a team, but you have great character animation material, you can apply as a single entrant by submitting a demo reel (60 seconds or shorter). If you are selected, you will be grouped with two other single entrants to form a team of three.

Also new this year: if we have enough teams in the professional and student categories, we will split the judging between pros and students to create two competing categories of teams. This is dependent on the entries submitted.

Sixteen teams will be invited to participate in the main FJORG! event, to be held at the Los Angeles Convention Center before an attendee crowd and a panel of judges from the animation industry that may include leading talent from top graphics, feature film, animation, and game companies.

The qualifying teams will be asked to create an animated sequence of at least 15 seconds in length to a maximum length of 45 seconds based on a theme to be provided at the main event, during the limited time allowed, using only those assets supplied at the event and their own talent and skills.

The Viking Masters of FJORG! are planning to supply the following at the event:

Teams will need to focus, as there will be multiple distractions at the event. Time-management skills will also be crucial: teams need to plan sleep and food breaks into their production cycle. Teams will be tested not only on their animating talents, but also on their ability to withstand and manage the elements conjured by the Viking Lords of FJORG!

View the animations produced at the first-ever FJORG! and a documentary about the event.

Educators and Leading Artists
FJORG! is looking for four guest speakers from the animation and education arenas to share the BEST in training and education for animators on the topics of story, movement, and timing subjects. Please send email to the the Chief Viking Priestess and the Assistant Viking Chieftain if you would like to be considered.

The Prizes
Entrants will compete to win the title of FJORG! Viking Animator! The winning team will be chosen by an elite panel of judges from the entertainment industry based on the judging criteria set forth in the official rules. The winning team will receive a medal and other prizes, and the bragging rights associated with what could be the toughest animation contest in the world. This is expected to be a high-profile event.

All members of the 16 finalist teams whose teams successfully create an animation sequence of at least 15 seconds in length, in the time allotted, will be awarded a full conference pass for the remainder of SIGGRAPH 2008 and a ticket to the Computer Animation Festival.

Additional awards and prizes will be set forth in the official rules. More prizes may be revealed at the event.

Entry Fees
The team entry fee is $US 30, to upload a demo reel and enter the qualifying portion of the contest. Each team is limited to one submission, and no one is authorized to enter more than once. If we find anyone listed on more than one team, all such teams will be disqualified. The individual entry fee is $US 10. Information on how to enter as an individual will be available here soon. (See official rules for details.)

Provided Software includes:
Autodesk Maya
Macromedia Flash
Adobe Photoshop and After Effects
Toon Boom Studio, Storyboard Pro, and Digital Pro

These applications are generously provided by our friends at the above companies, and are subject to change without notice. No other software may be brought to the competition by contestants.

Entry Details
The demo reel can be 2D and/or 3D animation but must be no longer than two minutes in length (for a team of three) or one minute in length (single applicant) and no greater than 200 MB in size in QuickTime (.mov), Windows (.avi), or MPEG (.mpg or .mp4) format. Only one entry per team or single applicant is permitted. Entrants are not permitted to enter on multiple teams. If they do, they and all teams they have entered on will be disqualified.

The team demo and single demo reel must contain original material that has been created by members of the team alone (without the help or contribution of any other individuals). The material included on the team/single demo reel cannot be copied from any other materials or sources, and cannot be owned or copyrighted by anyone other than one or more of the members of the team.

Official Rules

How to Submit Your Work

Online Payment System

In the event of any conflict between this announcement and the official rules, the official rules will control.

Thank you!

Patricia Beckmann-Wells
Chief Viking Priestess
Walt Disney Animation Studios

Pete Braccio
Assistant Viking Chieftain
Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

If your organization is interested in sponsoring the second FJORG! event, please contact the the Chief Viking Priestess and the Assistant Viking Chieftain.